Thursday, August 20, 2009

What would you do...

For a Klondike Bar?

I'll tell you what I would do...

  • I would do my kids' homework.
  • I would clean my toilet (ya, I have to be bribed to do this one).
  • I would force myself to sit through 4 episodes of Hannah Montana (but that is my limit).
  • I would let my friends take me out on their boat (Ya, I'd suffer for some ice cream).
  • I would not shower (but only for 1 day- after that, it isn't really worth it).
  • Sleep in late (isn't that good of me?).
Things I would NOT do, even for a Klondike Bar...
  • Lay off of Facebook (even for a day).
  • Stop blogging.
  • Give up chocolate.
  • Get up early.
Sorry, no NPSA meeting today. I am basking in the glory of school and can't think of anything really to rag on myself for today. I mean, really, I played FB games and slept in. I am working hard on my list from yesterday, so I feel really good about myself.

To top it off I am making my famous cookies as I type. Multi-tasking! I am so talented!

If you want some cookies you better get over here. (Or if you leave a nice comment to me I will send the recipe to you.) Seriously, they are famous!

Theme Song- Just a fun one that I totally love- Going with the song from yesterday- COOL RIDER from Grease 2.