Thursday, August 27, 2009

(Part I) In the Beginning

I really wanted pictures for this post, but I didn't have a chance to scan some in. Ya, we met back in the day of real film cameras. *gasp*

You asked for it, so here is part one. If you know some of this story just bear with me.

I moved to Utah (Provo to be exact) 5 weeks after returning home from serving a Mormon mission in Idaho. (Can you believe I was called to go to such an exotic place?) I moved in with my fabulous sister, who was attending BYU. I wasn't starting school until the winter semester, but after having lived away from home for 4 years I wasn't about to live at home again. (Did that make sense?)

My first Monday in Provo my sister and I went to a church activity (FHE- for those who speak Mormon). As we pulled up to the house where the activity was being held (for young single adults) my sister noticed a guy walking up to the door. Since she had already been living there she knew the guy, at least a little. She pointed to him and told me something like, "That guy is so cute." I looked over and there really was a cute guy. It only made me that much more excited to get inside for the activity.

That night, after a quick religious message, we played games and mingled. Sister and I had a chance to mozy on over to the cute guy and introduce ourselves. That was about it, but man, I felt some sparkage going on.

About a month later, at a similar activity (FHE again) we were carving pumpkins. My sister and I sat down next to the cute guy we had met the month before and started working on our pumpkins. The cute guy was working on one himself, so we started conversing, just the 3 of us. It was a lot of fun. I learned he was a very talented artist. His pumpkin ROCKED!

After said activity the group all decided to head over to BYU's famous Creamery for some well-deserved ice-cream.

My sister and I both chose an ice cream sundae- yummy! (doesn't that sound good?) Standing behind us in line, waiting to pay was the cute guy. Sister and I looked back and smiled. Then the bomb dropped...

Cute guy smiled, looked at us, looked at our ice-cream and said, "You guys are eating that? Do you know how many calories are in that?"

Translation into woman language- "You are fat and really shouldn't be eating that." Since I am a woman, I heard the female translation and dropped my face. Did this jerk really insinuate I was fat???? I know I still have a few extra pounds from the mission, but seriously, what jerk says that to a girl????

Cute, now big jerk guy kept on munching on his ice-cream, smiling, so proud of himself. (I am supposed to tell you at this point that he was smiling because he was eating the same thing as we were and he thought he was being funny.)

After paying for out goods Sister and I had to leave because we worked together at a graveyard custodial job (very fashionable college job). As we were walking to our car Cute, Big Jerk Guy said goodbye and then said, "Don't forget to hit the treadmills."

That was IT! This was WAR! She and I divided and conquerred. He ran back in. I took one door, Sister took the other and we found him "hiding" at the counter eating away. We both took a slug at his arm and left to take our rotund bodies to work.

Early the next morning, after work, we returned to our apartment to a very sweet message from Cute, Big Jerk Guy apologizing to us. He really felt comfortable with us after the pumpkin carving so he thought he could joke with us but realized it probably came off totally rude. Isn't that sweet?

Sister and I devised a brilliant plan. We made brownies and took them over to his house the next afternoon, inviting him to "get fat" with us. That is when we found out that he was out of town visiting his girlfriend for the rest of the week.

WHAT? A girlfriend? Crap.

To Be Continued...

Oh, and the theme song for today- Eve 6's Inside Out, which was popular back when we first met. (suggested by FiM)

ps the FiM is going to have to be revealed later in the story because it fits. Keep coming up with ideas. I'm still curious as to what you think.