Monday, October 6, 2008

It's MY tag...

I love my friend Melinda- who tagged me with this random tag and helped me to think of my oddities that I am about to share with the world. Don't be too scared, I'm still the same person you all know and love, but now you have a small glimpse into my mind- AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

  1. I grew up in California. Since there was no snow the highways have bumps between the lanes (I don't know how else to describe it). When changing lanes I try to go right in between the bumps so as not to make any noise. This probably makes no sense to anyone but me, but hey, that is why I do it and not you.
  2. I learned to shoot guns when I was a young teenager. I am considered by NRA standards to be an Expert Marksman (the highest level- above sharpshooter). Since I frequented the gun range with my dad I also found out why he is partially deaf. It comes with the territory. I am now partially deaf. In fact, sometimes I am too embarrassed to ask someone to repeat themselves so I'll just nod and agree. If I have ever done this to you and it made no sense as to why I was doing it, now you know. SPEAK LOUDER!
  3. I hate cleaning my bathroom. Contrary to Melinda's obsession with the bathroom, I absolutely hate it. I will spend forever (okay, really just 30 minutes) cleaning my awful bathroom and it is dirty in 2.5 second. I have an awful tub that the stuff is peeling, so I can never get it really clean, the tiled floor/grout was never sealed so I can't get the floor to look even halfway decent and I can't reach behind the tub and underneath it to get that area clean. Sorry if you have ever had to endure my nasty bathroom. That is one that the kids will definitely be taking over very soon.
  4. I've never balanced a checkbook. I look at my account online and hope that all is well. I really have to work on this one since we are working hard to get rid of all our debt. I just never learned and since debit cards came into existence it is near impossible to have Dalen keep track of all he receipts he gets. Plus, I have worked almost nonstop since we have been married- I really don't have time (at least that is what I tell myself).
  5. For as long as I can remember, whenever my family would go on long trips, usually to come up to Utah from California, I would watch the mile markers on the side of the road and I would make sure that I blinked right in between the markers. Another scary one, huh?
  6. This one is for adult eyes only. If no one is home or I don't think about it, I will just grab whatever is easiest to eat for breakfast or lunch, which is usually some form of chocolate or cookie. I know it is not okay to eat crap for breakfast and lunch, it is just mostly because I am lazy.
  7. I don't really like pie. It is supposed to be an American favorite, but I hate flakey crusts. I love things that are soft and moist. When I eat Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving (or really anytime I am force to eat it) I will most often leave the crust.
Now, I'm tagging-
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