Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Happens When Mommy Gets Sick?

2 postings in one day.

Have you picked yourself up off of the floor?

Okay- so Earlier this week I had to go to the dr... twice. Just for me. Monday it happened to be a female-type of infection. Enough said about that. I was dumb enough to think that I could get better on my own. Not so, my young Jedi. I needed the force to heal me, or at least some antibiotics lovingly prescribed by a kind and wise dr. who told me to NEVER wait that long again when I feel that kind of pain in that specific area. He was worried about my kidneys, yikes! On top of the medicines I am taking to get over that, he also counseled me that if I feel ANY back pain in the next couple of weeks I am to get into the dr. immediately. That didn't freak me out or anything!

So, the next day I woke up completely deaf in my left ear. What in the world? Did some random thing in the universe happen where my body got a memo that it was a great idea to just fall apart and catch every infection known to man? Nope, it is just a regular, run of the mill, viral infection in my ear compounded by the pressure change in the atmosphere that has caused all of the crazy weather we've had lately. Did you all get that? Didn't think so. I have an ear infection. I haven't had one in like 20 years. The dr. thought that this would make me feel young, since that is something generally linked to younger kids. Oh no. Didn't make me feel young. Made me feel old. I am falling apart!!! Since it is only a viral infection all I have to help with the ear pain is drops. Once again, picture this (ha, I said it again)... tilting your head to the side, as flat as you can, opening up the earway, and dropping in 4 drops from a little bottle. But wait, there's more- you need to lay down for at least 5 minutes to allow the drops to work their numbing magic on your inner ear. I don't know about any other mother, but WHEN do we have 5 minutes every 4 hours to just lay down? Anyone? Anyone? Okay, so I have more than that to blog (at least I make time to blog) but if I am in a laying-down-type-position there is a siren that goes off in my house alerting all children in a 5 mile radius to come jump on me, ask me questions, start throwing things, needing their diapers changed, bums wiped, etc. There is no peace for the recovering mother. I have had to take to putting the drops in as best I can, holding my head sideways for about 30 seconds (that's like 4 hours in mommy time) and pushing a cotton swab in to keep the medicine from draining out. Lets hope it works.

PS If you call and I don't answer the phone it is because I cannot hear you! The cotton swab is making me even more deaf than just the ear infection, but at least the pain is subsiding.

PPS Sorry, yet again no music change. You'll forgive me, won't you?