Friday, October 24, 2008


Last night as I was driving to work I called my friend, Laina, to chat. As I was passing a local attraction I noticed the large electronic billboard flash the words "TWILIGHT tickets". I didn't know if it was announcing a date or if they were already on sale, but I started to scream. Laina, I am sure, could not understand a word I was trying to say, but over the next few minutes I talked to her as she got online and checked the theaters around her for tickets. We wanted to get the theaters that have reserved seating. Long story short- we got tickets for the 11:59pm showing of TWILIGHT the movie for opening night. YEAH! Thank you to Laina understanding my crazy talk last night. And a special thank you to Melinda for her brilliant maneuvering in getting enough tickets, close to each other for a most anticipated, fun girls' night out.

In honor of the the movie, today's posting theme song is a song that totally reminds me of the books- Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis.