Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My own personal "Cake Wreck"

Most people know that I love to bake and cook. I am usually pretty good at it too. I especially love to bake desserts because I heart SUGAR! I have a major sweet tooth (I have a funny story about a sweet tooth comedy act, but I'll save that for a later date- if I remember).

Well, this morning some friends and I had a fabulous "Happy Divorce" party for another friend of ours. I know this sounds weird, but this really isn't a bad thing for her. She is like 60-something and hasn't known where her husband has been for the last 8 years. He calls every so often for money, but that is about it. So this really wasn't a sad thing for her. She showed up and actually had tears in her eyes- I am thinking because she was touched by the support she felt, not because we chose the wrong shade of red. It's her favorite color- but it has to be the BRIGHT red, no dark, blue based red or maroons for this girl! Anywho- I was in charge of the dessert, and going with the theme of red I thought that I would make a strawberry shortcake dessert. I love it with angel food cake the best, so I went to a couple of stores and they told me they don't have any because it isn't strawberry season anymore. NICE! So I had to go with a box mix, which I have never tried with an angel food cake. I figured it would be an adventure and a learning experience. It sure was.

My thoughts have always been- when you are cooking/baking something for the first time I need to follow instructions to the letter, after that I am free to have at it with my own ideas. Well, I followed the instructions...especially the one that specifically says (and I am quoting directly from the back of the box), "Do not use a Bundt cake pan or angel food pan that is smaller than 10" x 4", or the batter will overflow." Well, I have a supreme Bundt cake pan, bigget than 10" x 4", so being confident that I was following the instructions I had at it and put the cake in the oven.

It wasn't long before I started to smell burning. There have been a couple of spills in the oven before - hey, this happens when the oven is actually used. I decided to do some checking though, and sure enough this is what I found.

Actually, when I first opened the oven the cake was about 4 inches over the top. What in the world. I think it was a humbling experience for me, though. I need to be put into my baking place. Really, I will never be a Martha Stewart, Emerille, or even Julia Child. I am just little old me, who can't even get an angel food cake to turn out right.

The best part of this whole thing is actually right now because as I am sitting typing this out I have the oven on auto clean and it is STINKIN' up the house. Kylie came running in to my office and said there was smoke in the kitchen. Of course there is, the cake is being burned to ashes as we speak. We will be holding a memorial service for the cremated ashes later this even. All those wishing to pay respects or send condolences may do so in the comment section of this post!

Theme music for this post- Burning down the house by Talking Heads.