Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Let me set the stage for you all...

At the church, quilting. So much fun. Lots of ladies, lots of gabbing.

Picture this (I've always wanted to say that- kinda):

Sitting on a chair at a quilt, tying it when I hear right next to me- a chair crashing and a scream. Malia had pulled one of the folding chairs down on top of her. The back lip of the chair slammed right into her right eye. Less than 10 seconds passed from the time she pulled it on her to the time I picked her up. It was already puffing up and bruised. The girl had to have popped a blood vessel or something, because it was the fastest black eye I have ever seen.

We tried to head off accusations of child abuse to no avail. Apparently people think really highly of us. An unnamed friend even told me at church (once the black eye was in the really attractive yellow/green/blue phase) that if she hadn't been there to witness the biffing up of the eye that she would have thought some foul play had happened. Nice friend! So, over the past week I have taken photos of the various stages of Malia's first (and hopefully only) black eye.

First day- not too colorful, but pretty swollen. Yes, that is Dalen's nose. I never claimed to be a great photographer.

Much more colorful, and still swollen. I tried for a better picture, but she is not a photo opportunity kind of girl. The flash this close ghostifies her face (that is a Julie-ism for those who don't know/think that it is a real word).

The face is dirty from a pb&j sandwich, but the eye is from the chair (wink, wink). This one is the beginning of the yellow phase. Again, no complaints on the blurry picture- I already told you, I am NOT a photographer (as if you didn't know).

Now this one is just too cute. Still colorful- getting past the yellow phase is just in the nasty color phase. Can you tell that I am not fond of the yellow phase. It might be my favorite color, but now on an eye or any other part of the body.

Today- almost gone, but still looks bad. The doctor thought it was a smudge when I went in for an ear infection yesterday. Yes, I went in for an ear infection. It's been more than 20 years since I had an ear infection. I pitty my children, who seem to get them every year.

Theme Song- Eye of the Tiger!