Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Witches, ghosts and goblins! Oh My!

Last night was our ward Halloween party. It was great. We actually had a dinner this year and I thought it was so good. Potato Bar- need I say more? Okay, so you all probably have no idea how much I love potatoes. It was a definite bonus part of serving a religious mission in Idaho! Lots of potatoes and I learned how to make them just about everyway possible. Also, I learn what potato flakes are made from and also boxed dehydrated potatoes, and there is no way you could get me to eat them! ... Unless it was the last thing to eat in the world and I hadn't eaten anything for 83 days- and then I'd still have to ponder if I could really down them!

Back to my story about the party. The costumes were really fun! My kids had a blast being princesses, an indian and Luke Skywalker.

She was a little bugged that people kept asking if he was "Hokaponnas." She got annoyed and said- "No, I'm an indian!" I had to explain that "POCAHONTAS" was an indian. Then she was happy!

Luke, I am your mother!

The one on the right is my Ultimate Mischief Maker Princess in her favorite color!

Princess Bride with her face painted. We don't like to go anywhere without the plug. I couldn't find a "wedding themed" pacifier. I thought about the "something blue" idea, but she is a girl and I wasn't keen on getting her a blue pacifier just for this occasion.

Our cute friends- Abigail and Shanna. Shanna is so good to dress up. I am a scrooge when it comes to Halloween.

This one probably only means something to those of us who are related- but Emily looks like the spitting image of her grandma, who is on a mission- my aunt! Loved this costume, so did the rest of the ward- we all knew who she was dressed as!!!

And lastly... the finale every year (and the most anticipate part of the evening for me...well, that and the candy)...

The bishopric- this year- SUMO Wrestlers! They really get into the act.

Hope you all enjoy this one! I haven't decided on the theme music for this one, so if you read this post before I get to it- sorry- come back later.

Update- In honor of Halloween (it's as close as I can get to honoring at least) I submit Thriller by Michael Jackson as the theme song of choice.