Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Parenting Report Card

So, I gave myself a D- for my parenting skills for Monday. I should probably explain.

Growing up in California- if there was no mail (ie federal holiday) there was no school. Monday happened to be Columbus Day, for those of you who didn't know. Banks are even closed. But unlike the Postal Service, even federal holidays don't stop Utahans from going to school.

Here is jolly old Utah we have UEA. (UEA=vacation time). It is supposed to be a time for teachers here in Utah to go to teaching conferences, or something like that. Honestly, all of the teachers I know just plan vacations, along with the other families. This is a new concept to me so I am still not accustomed to planning a vaca in the middle of October. Church attendance during UEA is like church attendance during the bow hunt. NO ONE! Well, at least all of the cool people are gone. Just keep in mind, my family and I don't miss church during UEA or the bow hunt. What does this say about us? Yup- I know, we aren't cool. I have totally come to terms with this fact, I just feel bad for my kids that they are stuck in an "uncool" family.

Anyway, last week Kylie came home and told me they had Monday and Tuesday off of school. I said, "no way, you have Thursday and Friday off, I doubt they would let you Monday AND Tuesday off. Monday, I am sure you do because it is Columbus Day." She tried to convince me some more, but I would hear none of it.

Sunday night, I'm at work. I called Dalen while I was on break and he said he was keeping the kids up late for me so they would sleep in since there is no school. (I was the one that told him there was no school) Nice thought, but rarely works to keep the younger kids in bed.

Monday morning arrives, and so does my friend, Jenny, whose turn it was to pick up for school. WHAT? But there is no school... or is there? Yup, that's right ladies and gentlemen, there was school. See, because of UEA, they have moving the Monday off of school to next Monday so the kids get a 5 day break. Seriously, I failed in my parenting. I couldn't get Kylie out of bed when she didn't get into it until about midnight (not MY idea of keeping the kids up late, I would have said 10, maybe 10:30). So, when she woke up I got her ready. She cried. She doesn't want to miss any days of school this year because she heard that if you go everyday you get a ribbon at the end of the year. Anyway, I got her to school at the same time I took Jacob to school. At least he wasn't late.

What kind of Mom am I? I need to pay more attention to the calendars they send home with the kids. I thought those were just something to fill up my trashcan, but apparently they are supposed to help with daily schedules, reminders, and announcements from the school. OH!

(I decided on the ironic theme song this time around- Fight For Your Right by the Beastie Boys. Ironic because the Mom won't let the kids stay home who doesn't want to go to school, and it was opposite with me and Kylie.)