Thursday, October 23, 2008

Field Trips

Jacob got to go on his first field trip yesterday. YEAH! All he has been asking since he got home is, "Can I do my punkin now?" Let me translate- he got a pumpkin on the field trip and he wants to carve a scary face on it. Well, since the other chillins don't have a pumpkin to carve yet I said he had to wait until we could get one for everyone. Apparently that translates into child language: "Ask me again in 2 minutes, I'll probably change my mind." I didn't get the translation correct I guess, so every 2 minutes I had to repeat, "You'll have to wait until we can get a pumpkin for each of your sisters." I am thinking about investing in a translation book but all I can find on the internet are English to Spanish, English to Germany, etc. There is no Adult to Child translation books. Who knew? If any of you out there know where I can get my hands on one that would be much appreciated!

UPDATE- Now that she is back I'll fill you in on Britin's field trip. (The title of the post is in the plural, in case any of you missed it.) She also got to go to a pumpkin patch. I am thinking she was in 7th heaven (not the tv show). When I picked her up she was glowing with pride, holding her new pumpkin she picked out all by herself.

When she got home Jacob busted out his pumpkin and they compared. I have to tell you- I was not ready to hear the following words come out of my 5-year-old's mouth. "Hey, mine is bigger than yours." WHAT? Oh, you mean the pumpkin. Yup, it sure is, but hers is a great one too. My kids are taking after my OCD tendencies- check out the symmetry of those beauties!

By the way- no theme song change for today. My speakers aren't working and I can't choose an appropriate song without first listening to make sure it fits. Sorry fellow bloggers, you'll have to keep on with the Eye of the Tiger until my sexy hubby can get those miracle hands working on my computer.