Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Election Day!!!

You all thought I was going to get all political on you, huh? I'll save that for next week. Today, in honor of the upcoming elections I am holding my own polling.

Time to vote, ladies and gentlemen. Which one is best??? Please limit your vote to 1 picture for me and 1 picture for the sexy hubby.

#1. This one is me my graduation year... 1994. Sweet, eh? Dalen laughed when he saw it because he said it actually looks like one of my old school photos. Should I be offended?

#2. This one is the year my mom and dad graduated from highschool. I think I look pretty hot, don't you?

#3. Or, how about this one... from '78. The one from my birth year was awful, so I had to branch out a couple of years to find this one.

The fro picture is a MUST!

Now for Dalen's pictures- ooh! sexy!

#1 (the year his mom graduated)
#2 (the year he graduated) - hey man, are you "hangin' tough?"

#3 (the year he was born)
Voting polls are open now. They will close midnight tomorrow (well, probably not since I haven't figured out how to stop comments after a certain time, but I wanted to sound official). Remember, vote for the person- not the party! heehee!