Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Student of the Day

I am totally a proud mom. My son is such a great little guy. Last week he came home with a ribbon pinned to his shirt, proudly announcing he was the "Student of the Day" at his school. Last year Kylie got that award and this year I was blessed to have my son get the award. We may not be a perfect family, but I am thinking I have some great kids. He kept the ribbon on his shirt for the rest of the day so he could make sure his dad saw him with it on.

The school also gives a folder of fun prizes to the honoree. A great pencil, a gift certificate for free crazy bread at Little Skeezers and a fantabulous gift certificate. He was awarded the student of the day for "Always coming to school with a smile on his face." I love my bud!

Theme song: Walk like a man by Frankie Valli- oldie but goodie!