Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Do Kids Do When There Is No Parents Around and Nothing To Do?

Well, they create things to do. Did you know that butter makes zucchini better? Well, Britin does, but I guess I forgot to tell her it works better when the zucchini is sliced and cooked. Ohhhh, that's how it works.

They also look for any items that can be moved around to create CHAOS. I skipped the parental section in the manual on why chaos is necessary for kids, so if any of you still have your manuals that came with your child please copy it and post it in my comments. This seems to be a favorite pastime for my kids. Nothing seems to be off limits for them. Clothes, food, furniture, plants even.

Have any of you ever seen the movie Sandlot? Great flick. I highly recommend it. Well, if you have, let me take you back to the part in the movie when they are trying to retrieve the ball from the Beast. After the vacuum explodes one of the boys comes out (quite dirty, I might add) and says, "We've been going about this all wrong. I blame myself." Then he concocts another plan, which isn't important at this time. Well, I can't say I blame myself because this all happened while I was at work, so I am going to blame Dalen. Just kidding, I do blame myself. I guess I have not taught my children the right things in the past 7 years. I have not taught them that butter does not help raw zuchini taste good. I have not taught them that schoolwork belongs strictly in backpacks or on desks. I have missed the lesson on food tasting better when not on the floor. Oh, and I also skipped the lesson that clothes belong in bags, dressers or hanging up, not spread all over the ground. So, ladies (and gentlemen if you are reading) take note to cover these life lessons with your kids.

In Dalen's defense, I have to say, I had to go to work and he had a stomach virus. I am just happy the kids survived, Dalen didn't puke and the house did get set to rights before I got home. Thanks, Dalen, for taking the pictures.

Oh, and if you are wondering about the zucchini, Dalen told Britin she had a choice, either take a bite of the buttered zucchini or get a spanking. She chose the bite of zucchini. Brave girl!