Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Camping We Did Go

Since I didn't have to work this past weekend we decided to get away, down to Dalen's Mom's property. It was a "fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants" trip since we weren't sure if it would happen because of the rain. See, there are a couple of really interesting hills before you get to the property, that if they get wet (at all) they turn to muddy mud. We aren't talking your normal, average, mudpie variety mud, we are talking MUD! When we hadn't heard from Dalen's mom by early afternoon we figure we were a-go for the trip. We quickly shoved everything in the car, including the kids (luckily we didn't forget any of them). Off we went on the long trip south. Uneventful. Last time the family went down, Dalen let Kylie "drive" once they got on the dirt road. This time it was Britin's turn. She did great. Natural driver.

If any law enforcement is checking out this picture, I swear this is a doctored photo! For everyone else, that's my girl with the love of my life, making the last few turns to the cabin.

We really did have a great time. Mostly just visited. The kids didn't sleep so great, but isn't that really what camping is all about? Pigging out, not sleeping, and really hating the cleanup afterwards. Then talking about when the next trip will be.

Eating dinner, Sunday night. Just visiting. Dalen's mom and brother.

Dalen with Dixie, still visiting...

Malia, with her darling face, just loving the whole ambiance of camping. She is in her element when a camera is around, with lots of people to smile and laugh with her!

Bits and her cousins playing with Cache, the dog. This is the only photo that Kylie was in (and she is only half in it). She was so busy off hunting and exploring that she wasn't around most of the time the camera was out.

Funny hat on Jacob. Need I say more?

Funny hat on Bits. That sums it all up!

The storm clouds came rolling in. Which leads to the next part of the story. The Rain. Oh, the rain. If I was clever enough I'd write an ode to the rain that caused a restless, wet night for all of us and made so much mud (remember the mud?) that we almost didn't make it off of the mountain. At least not off the mountain the right way, on all 4 tires. About 10:00am we decided to pack up the van and make a break for it. We weren't sure how it was going to play out, but we said a prayer before heading out. Dalen's brother headed out first, in a 4-wheel drive jeep. Our family in our piddly, little, front-wheel drive van, followed, with cables on the tires. I swear Nascar has nothing on the talents of my hubby. WOW! I still am in awe of how he did it, but he gunned the van, quickly spinning the wheel this way and that way. Dalen's brother slid sideways in front of us. The backend of the van was fishing back and forth. Dalen corrected each time, making it all the way down without sliding into the mountain or going over the edge. After we got down, Dalen and his brother took the cables off the tires. Daren asked me if I screamed the whole way. Surprisingly, I kept my mouth shut. I didn't think Dalen needed anymore stress. We were all sitting in the van, white knuckled. Each time we made it through a long mud patch Jacob would say, "See the prayer is working." Isn't he great? Before embarking on the highway we pulled over to say a prayer of gratitude that we were safe. Dalen asked Jacob to say the prayer. He said it all by himself. After he was done he turned to me and said, "See, I know how to say that kind of prayer myself." And he did! He said a beautiful prayer of thanks!

Just a funny side note- we made it through all of that, crazy winds on the highway, hail and everything without any damage or injury... until... 1/2 mile from our exit to get home a rock popped up and chipped our windshield. Seriously...

Just thought I'd end with a very pretty picture I took before the storm hit full force.

By the way, since I couldn't find a camping song (I thought I'd try a new idea and have a theme song with each entry- when appropriate- just like I did with Jacob's first day of school theme- be true to your school by the beach boys) I thought that I'd have a patriotic song to go along with the last photo. Just thought I'd clue you in if you got a little confused by the song choice. This one- God Bless The USA by Lee Greenwood.