Thursday, September 18, 2008

Julie's Thought Train

So, I was thinking about all of the advice I would give to my daughters as they are dating a guy and thinking about getting married. I talked this over with a friend and we came up with a pretty lengthy, good list of things. But, as always, my train of thought ran off the track and I ended up wondering why people sugarcoat things.

For instance, one time I was getting a shot (rho-gam) and I asked if it needed to be in my hip/butt. The nurse said it needed to be done in a "fleshy" area. Okay, why didn't she just say we need to put it in the place that has the most fat. I already know that my hip/butt has a lot of fat. Don't insult me by calling it "fleshy."

Now, for how my thought train derailed (Dalen hates it when I do this). One of the items on my list for my daughters is that they should ask the blood-type of the potential companion. This is something I wasn't aware of, but if the female has rh negative blood and the hubby has rh positive blood the mommy's body can attack the baby, causing a lot of havoc. So, to headoff any potential problems the mommy needs to have a rho-gam shot in the butt. She might even have to have another one just after the baby is born (only if the baby's blood is rh positive). I only had to have the second shot once, after Malia, so I was thinking I was pretty lucky. Unfortunately, while talking to the nurse she told me I should have hoped for the second shot with each of my girls so they wouldn't have had to have any shots. See, if the rh factor is positive in the mommy, it doesn't matter what the daddy is, she won't have to have the shot. So, this led me back to thinking that for Kylie and Britin, they need to ask the blood type so they will either be able to avoid the rho-gam shot or go into babymanufacturing knowing that they are going to have to have the shot.

Once on this train of thought I started to remember all of my experiences with getting my shots and all of the blood drawing that goes along with pregnancy. I remembered the story above about having my hip/butt called "fleshy" and I got a little annoyed.

Oh, no, the train didn't stop once off the track. That's just not how my mind works. It kept going. I remembered a commercial on the radio (I just love funny commercials) for GrapeNuts cereal. If you haven't heard any of them I highly recommend it. They make me laugh. I couldn't find any of them on youtube, sorry. Maybe I am the only fan (good possibility since I am quite weird, and unique). See how my train gets derailed, while it is already derailed? Is that possible?

Once I got on the thought of commercials I remembered a couple of weeks ago when my sister called me (like she often does- I just love it!) and we talked about our favorite commercials. So, I did my usual, I got on youtube and tried to find the ones that she was talking about. See, I don't really watch much tv anymore, so I didn't know the ones she was talking about. They were great. Check out this one... she really liked it, I laughed out loud, I have to admit.

I could keep going on, as to the journey my mind has taken, but you all are probably completely frightened already, so I will stop. Thanks for riding the "Julie thought train." Come back soon. I just love repeat customers.