Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You know, one of THOSE days

You all know what I am talking about. The kind when you wish you had just stayed in bed, except for the horrendous dreams that made you jump out of bed in the first place. Ya, one of THOSE days.

It's funny how life enjoys biting me in the rear end just when I think I am on top of things. I had a list of my TO-DO things and was very confident that I might actually get to more than just one thing.

Jumped out of bed cuz I had had just about all I could stand of the dreams that were swirling around in my head all night. Then, I realized I had stuff to do, so what do I do? Get on the computer. Yup, that's right, I decided that I am overwhelmed by my TO-DO list and so I ignore it, at least for the time being.

Finally, I decided that I probably should shower and get going on things so I take off my glasses to get in the shower. You all know where this is headed, I am sure. So, next time I see my little MMIT, what do I notice in her hands? My glasses, or at least something that looks like my glasses only contorted. I ran to the eye doctor so that I could have my glasses fixed. I couldn't see close enough/well enough to tell if they were fixable. Why would they be fixable? Why would MMIT only do a half job? She did the full-on LET'S-TWIST-THIS-SO-BAD-SO-MOMMY-HAS-TO-GET-NEW-GLASSES-BUT-FOR-THE-TIME-BEING-SHE-HAS-TO-TAPE-THEM-SO-SHE-CAN-SEE kind-of job. Oh ya. Now I look totally sexy!

HA, fooled ya. Nope, that's not me. I can't even pull this off. I don't have a week's worth of sexy stubble and the rugged look to detract from the tacky taped glasses.

Now I have to tell you the story as to why this is just life (and the family curse) biting me in the behind. Last week I took my elderly neighbor to the eye doctor to pick up her glasses. She has been going around with taped glasses for the last couple of months. When I took her to pick up her glasses I thought to myself- Gee, I'm super-glad that isn't me. Well, now it's ME! Great. I know you are all jealous. I get to look like the uber-geek of the century while you all just get to look like plain-ole-yous. (Did that even make sense?)

I keep having other ideas to write about. I was going to tell you about the super-awesome burn I got the other day from going to the park with the "Housewives of AF" and silly me wore 3/4 sleeves. Hahaha! Check out this picture...

But that isn't quite as good as the glasses story. Plus, I had to tell the glasses story so I could save it for my posterity.

Well, now here I sit, eating a whole bag of Lindt's Chocolate Truffle Balls, wallowing in my geekiness and hoping that the new frames will be sent overnight (which I know they won't). I am going to have to, er, I mean get to enjoy my geekolaness for a whole week, maybe more. If you don't want to be seen with me I totally don't blame you. I don't want to be seen with me, but that is kind of hard to do. Maybe I can hope for an out-of-body week.

Theme song- White and Nerdy by Weird Al. Good times. Thanks Melinda for the suggestion. I bow to the master of songs.