Friday, May 8, 2009

Economic Induced NPSA


With the economic crunch going on right now (ie the downward spiral into the financial abyss) I have been suffering from even greater NPSA.

Hi, my name is Julie and I am a neglectful parent.

Hi Julie.

Today I had to pay bills. I know you are all just oozing with jealousy. Today was a BIG bill-paying-even-though-we-got-paid-today-we-are-broke-until-next-week day. Aren't those the best? I sat at my oh-so-messy desk going through all of the bills, paying the necessary ones (you know, the ones that would get shut off or get us evicted if we didn't pay kind-of bills). I feel like I am just wasting the money...

I had a fabulous post to write today about the mental violence that constantly plays in my mind (not against my children, just people in general- but that I never act on) but since I have had no time for my kids today because I have been paying bills I thought I'd get my jab in on the economy and stupid crapheads like my mortgage broker that totally screwed us over and I wish he would burn in hell for it.

Good, now that I got that off of my chest I need to tell you why I suffer from severe NPS today. I have recognized (that's the first step, right?) that the more bills I pay, the lower my bank account balance goes, the HIGHER my voice volume goes. Do you see the connection?


Make sense? I am sure my kids don't really get why mommy's patience runs thin on days like this when I have papers spread all over my desk and I can't really think straight. I am sure that they just want my attention. Who wouldn't? I mean, with a mom like me, I would want my attention too.

I feel sorry for my kids who just don't get it, even though I try to explain it. All they tell me is that they have money and I can use it if I need to. If only my house payment could be paid with the contents from their piggy banks. Too sweet, don't you think?

Theme song for today- Money, Money, Money by ABBA

I could use a little extra right about now!

Thanks google images for the pics.