Thursday, May 7, 2009

updating my life

I wear t-shirts that I have had for over 12 years.

I still have CD's even though I only listen to my iPod now.

I have boxes of old letters that I haven't looked at in years.

I have a box filled with unfinished crafts that I have had for YEARS (and have yet to complete any of them). In fact, I just dusted off the cobwebs a couple of days ago to pull out yarn to donate it to the humanitarian group that ties quilts every Wednesday.

I still own and use the towel I had when I was in High School (we won't go into how long ago that was- but the towel should actually be rags now).

Now, I tell you all this not because I am a pack-rat (which I totally am- but that isn't my point). I tell you this because I am in need of an updating. You know, like when a new version of software comes out and your computer gives you that little reminder that you can download the updated version? Well, that is what I need.

The thing that lead me to this conclusion is my older sis. I have talked about her before. The sis I visited in Idaho and had a fab time with? The sis that came down to visit me shortly after I got back. The sis that I talk to just about every day. Ya, that sis.

Anyhow, she just updated/upgraded/is living in the now. She got high-speed internet. No joke. She totally did. Remember when I told you about wanting to take a sledge hammer to her computer when I was visiting her because I couldn't blog, I had a heck of a time paying one stinkin' bill online. It was a mess. She totally is updated now and she even commented on my last post, gave me some love that way. YEAH!

So, this got me thinking now I need to look over my life and update at least one thing. Should I go with the towel? I think that is my choice, too.

Theme song- You're the Inspiration by Chicago. Good memories- yes, this is a CD that I have. Nice... Don't make fun! I'm serious. Good memories, good times.