Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Adventures Of GG

GG is a great friend, but kind of embarrassing to have around. You see, GG is my Geeky Glasses. You know, the ones that MMIT broke last week. The ones that I have had to wear with tape on them because they eye doctor has to wait for replacement frames to be sent. Ya, that is GG.

I was trying to think of a fun way to survive this past week with looking like a total moron with my taped up, broken glasses when it totally hit me. So, for those of you with grade-school-aged kids and know the story of Flat Stanley, I thought I would do a similar story about GG. See, Flat Stanley gets sent in the mail for his many adventures. My glasses had no need to be mailed. They got to enjoy the adventures everywhere I went. Check out all of the fun!

First I tried this tape.

Using this tape to hold GG together I went on a couple of adventures. My favorite was going to the digital scrapbooking class with some friends. We had a great time!

In the car, on our way. Look, GG even got her own seat.

My friend, Laina, came with me. GG had a great time with her!

The first tape seemed to do a decent job, but seriously, it just didn't have the staying power. So it was time for a makeover.

GG feels brand spankin' new!

After the makeover GG accompanied me to Kylie's piano recital. It was great. I thought Kylie did the best ever (and so did GG). Uncle Bret even got in on the action.

I was feeling a little used because GG decided to spend some quality time at the recital with Uncle Bret. But then, she decided to come back to me.

Saturday was a big day. We started our garden. WOW! That was a lot of hard work. GG had to keep taking breaks because she didn't want to stay on my face while I was leaning over, pulling weeds, and planting. GG was more of a moral support kind-of gal during the gardening than a go-getter.

Then, Monday, GG got to have the best adventure EVER! She got to go boating. Really, can life get an more leisurely? GG had a great time tanning on the towel.

GG even got to drive for a minute. That was a little scarey.

GG felt more comfy on the raft with Patti and Sally.

Theme song for Wednesday- Sunny Afternoon by Songs for Surgery. This is a thank you to all of you who wished me well for yesterday's excursion to the OR. All is well and I am up and moving. Just a quick "female" type surgery and now I get to enjoy the whole month instead of just 3 weeks. Good times. TMI? Probably...oh well. This is my blog. I get to type whatever I want.