Friday, May 22, 2009

What's that from????


Hello everyone. My Name is Julie and I suffer from NPS. Thank you all for being here today. I was just thinking yesterday (because I got some fabulous mail) about my family's favorite game... "What's that from." See, it is a game where we just quote movies and we have to name the movie.

I come from a family of MOVIE-LOVERS. Seriously! If you ever have a movie question my bro is the go-to guy. He is amazing. His head is so full of useless movie quotes that he would so be my life-line if I ever go on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. (For other useless trivia my dad would be my life-line, but that is a story for another time.)

We watched The Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night growing up. We watched TONS of on TV movies, too, throughout the week. I sometimes wonder if we ever did anything else (but of course we did- I just don't remember all that like I remember the movies).

Here is where my NPS comes in... I let my kids watch movies. Yes, movies that apparently I shouldn't. I'm not talking XXX type movies. Not even rated R. I'm talking just more violent movies that make other parents give me the "you so shouldn't have been allowed to have kids" look. I thought I was just being a nice parent. Not too overbearing. Toughen up those kids. I don't want them to be scaredycats. So here are the movies apparently not on the "Good Parenting Movie List" but are in my family's DVD collection (just a few to wet your appetite for a good flick).

Now this one is just funny. I highly recommend it if you can get it. Now that I am older I totally get the "adult" jokes, but my kids still don't so it's okay to let them watch it, right?

This one Hubby let the kids watch. Don't ask me... I was at work. It was free on Comcast so they all sat down to watch it. They all got a kick out of it. Personally, I am afraid of snakes, so I don't think I would have been laughing.

This is a GREAT movie, but pretty violent. Snake loves it. One of the faves in our house I think!

I haven't even seen the 3rd one and I am letting my kids watch it???? Hubby has seen it so he is okay with the chillins watching it. I have to be careful, though, when the kids have friends over because I am not sure this is on the approved movie list for other kids.

Yes, I have let all of my kids (including the 2-year-old) see Twilight with me. I have totally gotten THOSE looks but my kids thought it was great. The "gross, bloody" parts are actually funny to me because the special effects for this movie were horrid! Why can't my kids see it???

Yes, Snake has seen Star Wars 3. Yes, he saw the ending when Anakin Skywalker melts in the lava. He thought it was cool. Now he knows how Vader became Vader. Totally important information if you watch 4, 5, and 6, RIGHT??? Nevermind that we all watched 4,5, and 6 when we were young and had no clue how that all came to be, but whatever!

Oh, and this is my favorite....

Yes, we let a few of my friend's kids watch Chicken Little at our house one night and they were bawling like babies. I thought this was a great movie selection. The kids ranged in ages from 3 to 6. The 2 that were freaked out weren't even the youngest. The boys told us that their parents don't let them watch movies about aliens. Who knew? So, parents beware- this is NOT on the "Good Parenting Movie List."

Theme song for today??? Today's was a special request from my friend, Kerrilyn. "Only In Your Heart" by America. Not really about the topic for today, unless you really try to twist the words to your own meaning, but it was bugging us last Saturday that we couldn't think of the song and so Kerrilyn had to google it.