Monday, May 4, 2009

Livin' the dream

I am sort of in the virtual doghouse at the moment because I have problems. An addiction if you will. I still dream of blogging and I think Hubby is really getting tired of the time I spend reading and posting, stalking and perusing. Really, I hardly can help it when I have met so many wonderful people and just have fun getting it all out there.

So, in view of Hubby's belief in my poor time management I am going to try to keep this brief (and then maybe a few more people might actually take the time to read my blog).

I was talking with my cousin last week about mothering and I had a serious epiphany. I really hope and pray that I am not a mother that is going to live vicariously through my kids. There is a neighbor in my area that loves her kids. That is great. I applaud her. The problems start when she is their friend instead of their mom. She gets them out of any problem instead of teaching them to deal with things. She encourages poor behavior because she wants her kids to be popular since she never was. It is hard to be around her because I just want to grab her by the shoulders and shake the living crap out of her. I want to scream at her "Your kids need a MOM, not another buddy." Instead, I smile and wave and try to make nice with her because I am so non-confrontational.

Going on with that topic, I always wanted to model when I was little. This is a funny thought to me now considering I am so self-conscious. However, my little MMIT has been told and even had a chance to model and now I am thinking I want to get her into it. Would this be living through her? Should I let her do it? She is only 2. If I do let her, is there a litmus test I can take every so often keep from becoming a stage-mom?

What do you think? Isn't she gorgeous? Her hair is even longer now and it is full of natural curls (which I am sure she will be cursing as she gets older, but that I envy- openly!).

Theme song... One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston- oh the memories. Remember graduation when they played this song? Okay, so that dates me... gimme a break.