Friday, May 1, 2009

Hello for first timers, welcome back to the rest!


Today I have admit to something and get it off my chest. I think this week is the week for confessionals, don't you? I mean, Shelle had a "dirty little secrets" day yesterday which was actually very enlightening and made me dig deep. Although I didn't share my secret with ya'll in her comment box I will share it here. Remember, we are all her to support each other and NOT judge. Keep that in mind when you read the following...

I LOVE my job. Really, I do. For many different reasons.
  1. I get to listen to audiobooks while I work.
  2. I get out of the house 5 days a week.
  3. Hubby is solely in charge of the offspring.
  4. I get a break from taking care of everyone else.
  5. I get to drive in a quiet car to and from work everyday.
  6. For those hours I am gone I don't have to worry about who is getting into what.
  7. For those hours I don't have to hear "MOOOOOMMMMM!"
  8. For those hours I get to relax, type away at the computer and listen to anything of MY choosing. If I want to listen to MY music, I can. If I want to listen to MY book I can. I don't have to sensor the comedy that I listen to (although I probably should- but I love Dane Cook).
These are only a few of the reasons. And the reason I should feel bad about this is that UMM cries just about every night. As I get ready to leave I always hear, "Mommy, why you have to got to work?" At least for now I can feel okay with my answer, "I have to sweetie- so we can keep our house and have food to eat." But, if my bro wins that California lottery (I'm crossing my fingers) then he is going to give me a chunk (cuz he's nice like that) and then what excuse would I have to banish myself from the home for hours each day????

Theme song- Chain Gang by The Nylons.