Thursday, May 21, 2009

On second thought

I had a different post ready for today. This keeps happening. I have a fabulous idea and then something happens that I just can't pass up the chance to blog about the newest. So, I had thought about blogging about the hail storm that almost killed my beautiful, young garden. I also thought I would blog about my friend Patti who brought ice cream to me the afternoon after my surgery and sat on my bed and kept me company and gabbed with me- it was fabulous! I was also going to blog about the summer posse that I belong to and all of the fun things we are going to be doing this summer (which I am sure that you are all going to be hearing more about during the summer).

BUT, then something FANTASTICALLY WONDERFUL happened. No kidding. I was floored. Not that I didn't think Blogging Mama was going to send my prize to me. I just had no idea how wonderful it was going to be.

See, I won a DVD from her 400th posting giveaway. That's right. I won a copy of Weird Science.

Good memories. I am sure that I am going to be closing my eyes and wondering the whole time why my parents ever let us watch this when we were young (just like I do with just about every other movie I watched when I was growing up) but it has memories and I am totally excited that I won.

Here's where it gets super exciting. When I pulled the package out of my mailbox it didn't feel like JUST a DVD. And BOY WAS I RIGHT! There were great surprises in store for me! There was a CD that Blogging Mama Andrea put together (which is the best because I am sure she knows my love of music- so I am going to be using one of the songs on the CD for today's theme song).

There was a super-sweet card from her.... And the best ever! GERMAN CHOCOLATE!

WOW! I wasted no time busting that open and snacking away! Can we say YUM!?!?!

I should have been patient and taken a photo journal of me opening the package, but I don't have patience and the remains of the packaging are in the trash can where they will remain. I am not big on digging out trash- been there, done that, and I like trash to stay in its appointed place. So check out my prize winnings!

I know you are jealous. I am so lucky. This totally brightened my day! I love getting mail, and its even better when it is GOOD mail, not junk mail. AND its the BEST when there is chocolate and memories in the mail. THANKS Blogging Mama Andrea. You are the BEST!

Theme song from Blogging Mama- I'm Alive by Kenny Chesney (with Dave Matthews) AND we are going to be a double take- the second one is People Watching by Jack Johnson (that one is for Crash- because we all know how much you lurve Jack).