Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stinky isn't funny

Britin was in the bathroom, using the facilities. As I'm sitting at the computer I hear Bits call to me, "MOM, GIMME TOILET PAPER!" I thought that the toilet paper was gone and she needed a new roll. Nope, not so much. She just wanted me to get the TP for her. I got her some and smelled the stinky- EW! So, I thought I'd sing yesterday's theme song to her, thinking she would like it since she is my little singer. Nope, not so much.

Mommy: (singing) "Stinky, I love you!"

Britin: "That's not funny!"

Mommy: "Yes, it is."

Britin: "No, Stinky, I love you isn't funny!"

What makes this even more funny is that shortly after I had to change MMIT's diaper. Double EW! Totally nasty, and it was the second one in under an hour. So, thinking once again that I was clever I sang to MMIT.

Mommy: (singing) "Stinky, I love you."

Britin: (singing) "Stinky, I love you."

Mommy: (thinking) "Why is it okay now? Oh, because it isn't her."

And now, as I am typing this story she is going around house singing, "Stinky, I love you."

So, in honor of the singing I am just going to keep the theme song the same as yesterday.

And to my kids, "Stinkies, I love you!"