Tuesday, September 1, 2009

(Part III) And then we....Dated????

We were both in agreement... We were both Hot and totally interested in the other person. What now?

Well, we decided to date- exclusively. We both felt that if it was right then we would know fairly quickly. Why fool around with others when we are interested in a serious relationship? So we are going to date.

So, I waited...

And waited...

And waited some more.

For 4 days I waited for him to ACTUALLY ASK ME ON A DATE. Just because we were "dating" - that doesn't negate the actual need to ASK me on an actual date! Apparently there was a double date planned with his friend, Joe- remember him???? He had asked my friend Emily on a date and she said she would if I went along with a date. (see, she wasn't that into him and she thought a double date would be easier/more comfortable.) But, Cute, Big Jerk Guy hadn't asked me yet.

Thursday, I finally gave up on the quest for him to ask me on a date. The conversation went something like this---->

Me "What are you doing on Tomorrow night?"

Him "Going on a date with you."

Me "Too late, I already asked you."

Him "Ummm, ok."

Me "And when we get married and have kids I am going to tell them that I asked you on our first date."

Him "Ummm, ok."


Theme song- Short Skirts and Long Jacket by Cake- popular back then.