Thursday, September 24, 2009


I was MIA for 2 days... lay off! I am a crazy girl, trying to get everything prepared for leaving.

That is right folks, I am taking a vacation.

Well, not really... I am going to SoCal to help out with my Mom's daycare while she recovers from hip-replacement surgery. FYI- she is doing much better, although her blood pressure was really low this morning.

So, I am going to be gone for 9 days. Yes, 9 days without my gorgeous FiM. 9 days without my kids. BUT- that is 9 days that I have to prepare for. And most of the time I fly by the seat of my pants. But how am I able to do that being 3 states away from my family? 9 days away means being prepared. 9 days of clean clothes. 9 days of meals. 9 days worth of clean dishes (actually I am thinking we are going to go the route of the paper products), 9 days of EVERYTHING.

K- so as I was thinking about getting my family all prepared for me to be gone I pondered on my friends. I have to tell y'all... I have the greatest friends E.V.E.R! I thought about the many things/blessings my friends bring to my life.

Each friend adds something unique, something special, and that includes my bloggy friends. I don't want to go into specifics because I am the dork that would totally forget to put someone on the list and feel uber bad for the rest of eternity. But, I thought that I would tell you all what my friends have added to my life. I am all about lists.

  • Happiness- just a phonecall or a text...
  • Service- I have friend who know... friends who do... and I love them for that.
  • Listening ears- I doubt I need to explain this one
  • Helpful advice- this one is self-explanatory, too
  • My sounding board- when I think I have had enough... I can let it go
  • Silliness- sometimes a girl just needs to be silly, and I have friends that are okay with my silliness- or at least they don't hate me for it.
  • X-Ray Vision- they see right through me, know when I am in need...
  • Strong- in the physical, emotional, and spiritual sense.
  • FUNNY!- cuz I can ALWAYS use a good laugh
  • Thoughtful
These are just a few of things I was thinking about. Each friend adds to my life and I just wanted to give a BIG
to all of you. Love ya TONS and BUNCHES... and as my friend Michelle told me the other day- Love you Big Fat Piggy Bunches!

Song- I was looking up the friend song that I wanted and the one that kept popping up was Friends are of the Devil by the Grateful Dead. Not really what I was looking for! The one I finally found...the one that I wanted is by Michael W. Smith "Friends"