Monday, September 21, 2009

I'd like to thank...

I'd like to thank the academy, oh, I mean JennyMac for giving me a blogging award. She made me smile, which was much appreciated by my husband who is concerned by the thrust of hormones that hit me (and therefore hit him and the offspring) this weekend. So, thanks!

Wanna see what I got? Do ya?

Oh, ya! I give good blogs! SWEET! Aside from being a totally sexy award, I feel so privileged to be the recipient of any writing/blogging award. I was never a "writer" growing up and I love that now, when I don't have to get graded on my style and proper use of the English language, I am being recognized... (did that make any sense whatsoever? Well, it did in my messed-up mind).

So, the rule is that I need to pass it on to 4 other phenomenal bloggers. So, here it goes...

1. Sage @ Welcome to Sageville cuz could he be any greater? Love this country boy! And what makes it even better is it is Sage's birthday today. Just so you know- his blog is not G-rated or even PG-rated...

2. Missty @ Life Is Good! cuz she loves food...and she is funny...and I love this girl!

3. Betty @ My Life in a Multi-Level cuz I can always count on a good life. I totally relate to this girl, even with we aren't related (which is probably lucky for her since I have the curse).

4. Crash @ Crash Test Dummy Diaries cuz I have been following her for a long time and it never gets old. She is AWESOME! And what is even better is that she recently moved to my town... WOOHOO! (well, not for her since she moved here from Hawaii, but WOOHOO for me).

Well, there you go. Take your awards. Pass it on to 4 other bloggers, if you wish, or just put it up on your sidebar for you and others to admire. No need to pass it on if you don't wish. I am not the blogger-award-police.

Theme song- The Winner Is from the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack.