Friday, September 4, 2009

(Part V) I kiss you not

I totally wasn't lying (or joking for that matter) when I told you Cute, Big Jerk Guy didn't kiss me that night. In fact the next day at the end of our "date" (which was a long walk and hanging out in the park) he went in for the hug again. Okay, this has to stop. I don't mind the hug, but if any of you know me you are fully aware that I.LOVE.TO.KISS!

So, I pulled back after the very nice hug and looked at him. I hadn't been too shy about things up to this point, so I figured why not-

Me "Are you gonna kiss me?"

Him "No."

Me "No, seriously, I want you to."

Him "I know. I want to, too."

Me "K, then kiss me."

Him "I can't."

Me "Sure you can. You have 2 lips, I have 2 lips. All we have to do is move closer until they touch."

Him "I know how it works. I just can't right now."

Me "That makes NO sense."

Him "I have always rushed into relationships and I want this to be right between us. I want to wait and make sure it really means something between you and me."

Me "Trust me, it will mean something."

Him "I just can't. Sorry." ***

So, over the next MONTH (yes I said month, one whole month. That is 1/12 of a year. 30 days. 288 hours. 17280 minutes. 1,036,800 seconds.) he didn't kiss me. Nope. Not even a peck.

I am sure some of you think he was noble. I just thought it was harsh. And I told him so. I even told him that when the time came when he really wanted to kiss me- he was going to have to ask me.

Finally after 28 days of waiting he walked me to my door and asked if he could kiss me. "Nope. You are tired. You have made me wait this long, I want it to be memorable for you."

The next night he asked me again. "Nope. I'm not really feeling it today."

So, on March 15 (which was the 3rd day) we were chillin' at his apartment. He was getting ready for our date. I was watching tv in the livingroom with his roommates. He called me back to his room to help me choose a shirt for our date. As I was walking back to the livingroom he grabbed my hand (I was in the hallway- not in his room people). He turned me around and asked if he could kiss me. Again I said No. How mean am I? Well, I thought he was pretty mean for making me wait this long. I needed to have a little control with the situation. As I sat there with his roommates I couldn't get my mind thinking about anything but kissing him. So I made my move. He was in the bathroom, just brushed his teeth. Perfect, he was minty fresh. This is how it went down.

Me "If we are going to do this we need to do it now." (Right here- in the bathroom.)

Him "Okay." (Smiling)

We both leaned in and it was a VERY nice kiss. Very nice until he started laughing. I.KID.YOU.NOT! He laughed. (In his words he "giggled" because he was so happy.) HE LAUGHED! The kiss was obviously over at that point so I walked back to the livingroom. I was humiliated. Totally embarrassed. How could he laugh?

Not 2 minutes later he came to the front room, ready to go, took my hand and we were out the door. I think the rest of the night was pretty much all kissing- no laughing this time. It was so nice. Especially since he didn't laugh.

Theme song- Then He Kissed Me by the Crystals. I LOVE THIS SONG!

Oh, and pictures will be coming. We just don't have documentation (photos) until we got en-gag-ed.

***This conversation is 90% fiction. I did ask him why he wouldn't kiss me and the reason was what he told me. The rest, ya, that's how it played out in my mind.***