Wednesday, September 2, 2009

(Part IV) First Date and all that jazz

Double date ended up being a group date.

Went to eat at Chili's**. Cute, Big Jerk Guy was such a gentleman. Held my chair for me, helped me take my coat off... the works. We sat across from each other so we could talk more easily. The conversation was great. It was a lot of fun. We both had the chicken caesar salad. Don't ask why. No, I wasn't trying to be dainty. I happen to really like a good salad. If you have ever seen me eating salad (essentially cow food) you would know that I am anything but dainty. Picture a cow chewing grass... there you go.

After dinner the group headed over to the local theater to see Life Is Beautiful. Fabulous movie, but uber depressing. Oh, and you have to have your reading glasses on because it is an Italian movie- all subtitles. Woohoo!

Feeling all tingly and good inside after such inspiration from the movie (I jest) we headed back to Cute, Big Jerk Guy's house (which he shared with a few other guys) and sat around talking. Everyone found a place to sit.

Everyone but me a Cute, Big Jerk Guy. So, we sat on the floor and visited with each other while the rest of the group talked and played games. I doubt they even realized we were not in on the conversation. Then again, they probably were aware, we just weren't really aware of them. At one point Cute, Big Jerk Guy reached over and put his hand on mine.


Ya, that was my heart screaming for joy. Who knew that a simple gesture like taking my hand would send me into arrhythmia? I am getting all tingly just remembering the feeling. We held hands the rest of the night. I am pretty sure I had the biggest, cheesiest grin on my face too.

We actually did have to end the evening, so Cute, Big Jerk Guy took me home in his really cute, but very worn out red car. He opened the door for me. Walked me to the front door. Hugged me.


Nothing. Said goodnight and walked back to his car. We had plans to see each other the next day. And I have EVERY intention of asking why I did not get a goodnight kiss.

Theme song- Kiss me by Harry Connick Jr. great song!
Just FYI- I have heard from a few of y'all that you aren't fans of having the music auto-play. So, since it really is for me, I turned it off. If you want to hear it (which I highly recommend) you are gonna have to push play.

** I later found out that Cute, Big Jerk Guy is NOT a fan of Chili's. Don't look at me- I didn't choose the joint. We could have gone anywhere.