Monday, December 1, 2008

My Children did NOT get this from me

I was sitting today thinking about all the seriously funny things my kids do and realized that none of this comes from me. They get it all from their Dad's DNA. I'll add as many pictures as I can to illustrate my point since I know y'all love pics. But, as you will read, some of these are not appropriate for viewing, hence there are no pictures to view.

  1. Britin is a girlie girl. She loves skirts and dresses. If she is MADE to wear pants she rolls them up so they don't touch her ankle, thus defeating the purpose of keeping her legs warm in cold weather. I, on the other hand, wear skirts and dresses only when necessary.
  2. All of my kids love to look at themselves in the mirror, especially Jacob. He would stay there all day if there was a computer next to the mirror. Playing games and checking himself out are his 2 favorite things. Here's one for the "no pictures" items. He gets undressed before he gets in the shower and jiggles himself all down while watching. Strange child.
  3. Malia loves to be naked. When she gets ready for naptime it is a requirement that shoes, socks and pants MUST come off. She has finally learned to keep the shirt on since she is a wiggler in her sleep and the blankets need a little help keeping her warm. I hope no one turns me in for the following totally inappropriate picture. It's just too funny not to share.
  4. Britin loves to make up her own songs. I have already posted a number of songs Britin sings, but in case you have missed any previously here is one of my favorite performances.

These few things them brought me to my next thought of the things my kids did get from me. Hmmmmmm- Well, Kylie looks like me. Britin loves to laugh (I love to laugh). Jacob is a lover (I consider myself a lover). Malia- I couldn't come up with one so I asked Dal- he said, "good looks." Either he really wants to score some brownie points with me or he forgot to take the trash out like I asked and he is just buttering me up. I love him either way.

Theme song for tonight- My Little Girl by Tim McGraw. Always reminds me of my daughters and hoping that they might want to dance to this song at their weddings... in the VERY far off future.