Sunday, December 7, 2008

This is where I apologize profusely

I have been neglecting my blog friends. Can you ever forgive me? I have been working like a crazy woman doing so many other things that maybe I should just be committed. I don't want to reveal too much private information, but I happen to have a governmental job that gets REALLY busy around the holidays. If you can't figure that one out you might want to check your mailbox for a clue. Anywho- I'm now working like 50 hours a week, I also have a side business making personalized vinyl stickers (which I totally love doing) and I have 4 kids and a hubby to take care of. My house is a trash hole, I barely got the dishes done, but the stack of crap on the counter (School papers, DVDs, half empty grocery bags, books, and nick nacks) is still overflowing. My sink has yet to be disinfected. My bathroom hasn't seen a scrubber in more weeks than I care to admit. There are laundry baskets full of clothes that have been waiting to be folded (and since I haven't gotten around to that we have been living out of laundry baskets for the last 2 weeks- don't judge my wrinkly clothes, okay?). My bed only gets made right before I get into it, and that is only if I happen to be going to bed before hubby. If he gets in bed first, forget that. We just have to fight over who gets the most covers. I have uncased DVDs scattered in my front room and the cases are just as scattered. And still I sit here, feeling bad that my blog friends have not seen much of me lately. Can you tell where you all rank on my priority list? Just after dishes, but way ahead of laundry. I know you feel special.

So, here is my crazy apology.

  1. First of all I am sorry that I told you all about my crazy house. Just don't try to mentally picture it or you might be disgusted by me and never visit my blog again.
  2. I am sorry that I only have one or two days a week to check on your blogs and comment. Trust me, I am still trying to keep up with all of you, and if possible comment on your postings. I love comments. I am addicted to comments, but since I have been MIA on the blogging scene so much lately my comments are dwindling. I sense some pent up hostility in the form of the silent treatment, people!
  3. I am sorry that my postings have lost some of their flavor. I haven't been in my right mind for the last... 32 years. I am trying to be creative, cool, humorous and just plain funny to keep your attention, but really I am not that funny. Ask the people that really know me.
  4. I am sorry for the last of background music changes. This one I am trying to remedy- tonight's theme song is Sorry by Buck Cherry. "Please enjoy the music while your party is being reached." (Couldn't help myself)
  5. Lastly, I am so, so very sorry just for being so sorry. Retarded, I know, but hey, I already told you I haven't been in my right mind for 32 years.
So, do you forgive me? No seriously, I need to know. If you don't, at least tell me so I can go flush my head in my uber disgusting toilet (thanks CTD for the totally awesome slang- couldn't help myself). I'm waiting for you to click the comment button...

(Theme song to Jeopardy- do do do do do do do do do do do do dododododo do do do do do do do do do do do do, dum dum.)

Do I have to beg for a comment? I'm on my knees pleading! Just picture it! PLEASE!