Thursday, December 4, 2008

Passing it on

When I was young my Grandma taught me how to make rolls, bread and cookies. Yes, folks, my world famous cookies were from the mind of my grandma. Of course, I have perfected them over the last 100 years (since I am oh, so old), but they started with a Grandma spending some quality time with her granddaughter. Good memories.

But, Cookies are not the point of my story. My point is ROLLS. Each year we have Thanksgiving with Dalen's family I am required to make the rolls. I do as my Grandma did. This year was extra special because my Kylie wanted to get in on the action. I had her help me with measuring, mixing, rolling, buttering and baking. She was a natural. Just like her mom, though, she doesn't like to be dirty/messy, so as soon as it became too much for her little hands to mix the dough she ran into the bathroom to clean off all of the sticky dough, leaving me to finish adding enough flour to unstickify it. (hey, that's a Julie word, don't be looking it up in Webster's dictionary). I was so proud of that little/big girl, who wants so hard to be like me, although that is quite a scary thought. Enjoy the few moments Dalen captured for me to always remember my first moment of passing down the rolls to another generation.

Theme song- From the classic movie Jungle Book from Disney- "I Wanna Be Like You."