Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gingerbread Mansions

My kids love my cousins' tradition of making gingerbread houses every year the day after Thanksgiving. That day is only for the adults, though. My kids get really excited to see what I create. I didn't get any pictures of my gingerbread house this year. Sorry to disappoint you all. If you want to see a fantabulous house, though, here is my cousin's house she did. She has quite the talent. We were sitting at the same table this year, but her talent did not cross the table to my area, so just imagine that mine turned out this good (even though it really didn't).

Anyhow, my kids have been asking me EVERY day when they were going to make theirs. Last year we started our own family tradition. After I make mine I help the kids make little Graham Cracker Houses. Last night we finally got around to it. It was a blast, and a mess. Dalen was worried that the kids were getting the icing on the table. I told him it will come off fairly easy, I just have to get it wet. He looked at me like, "There is no way!" But what he really said made me laugh. "If it is so easy to get off of the table why is it like cement on the house, making it nearly impossible to steal candy off of it?" Now I know who the homewrecker is. It isn't just my kids, but my hubby has shown them what to do- steal my candy and ruin my gingerbread house.

Malia with her house. She had more fun eating all of the candy.

Kylie was really proud of her creation!

Snake with his house. At one point his roof was falling down and he tried really hard to fix it himself- this included just stacking all of the graham crackers on top of each other and calling it good.

Now this is just funny- Britin was done with making her house, so she went into the bathroom. Unbeknownst to us, she was playing with daddy's razor. Mind you, this in not the first time she has done this. Nor is it the second time. This is actually the third time my daughter has tried to shave her face. (I can hear all of the cries of pain- we have all been there, maybe more in the leg area of the body, but a razor cut none the less). This is the reason for the tears. It wasn't nearly as bad as the previous 2 times, but really, 3 times. Is it really that hard of a lesson to learn?