Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where are you Christmas?

So, if you read my last post you will know that I live in filth. I did laundry for the better part of yesterday and you can see my front room. YEAH.

Unfortunately we still have a LARGE pool table/air hockey table that was given to us and is just taking up room in my front room. It currently is a place just to stack random crap that I need to actually put away. It is not being used for its original purpose. I am sure that if the table had feelings it would be sad that it is so used! With it there I have no place to rearrange my furniture and put up my Christmas tree. I am having a seriously hard time getting into the Christmas mood without my Christmas tree. I need to see the bazillion white lights and all the random ornaments that adorn my tree every December. I need to hear the music in the background telling me- "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas." And I need to believe it! I need to bust out the garland that drapes across my super long, uber cool mantle that my friend made for me. I need to hang the stockings from the mantle and light the candles that will fill my house and nostrils with the Christmas spirit. The ONLY WAY FOR THIS TO HAPPEN is to get that table OUT OF MY FRONT ROOM. Anyone want it? You gotta pick it up. We are not your normal Mormon family with a truck, so I have no way to get it to your house, but I need it gone. Hubby has promised it to his sister, but she has yet to show her face at my house to get the monstrosity. It is in great condition, but really, my kids aren't old enough to know how to play pool. They use the stick to fight which isn't my favorite activity for them to engage in in my living room. They have already lost one set of the mini balls, which I have replaced and put away for safe keeping until someone gets the table OUT OF MY FRONT ROOM!

Any takers?

Theme song- Where are you Christmas? by Faith Hill from the movie- How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carey.