Friday, December 12, 2008

Lesson Learned- maybe

So, do you all remember the funny that my son told me about wearing my pajama pants while taking him to school? Well, yesterday I learned something about not doing my hair before I take him to school. Most days I just jump out of the shower, brush my teeth, gel my hair and moisturize my face. Oh ya, and get dressed. But, aside from gelling the hair and brushing it to a smooth, greezy-looking hair helmet I don't usually do anything with it. Hair takes time and they are so many more enjoyable things to do with my time than blowdrying my hair so I don't embarrass my kids. I can list a few if you like, but really, they are already listed on my sidebar under my family and friend blogs and my shameless blog stalking lists. Anyhow, I ran a ton of errands yesterday and the wind was blowing and it was dry and cold (static) and when I got home I looked like this:

So, after showing my crazy hair all over town I thought maybe I would do something to make me look not quite so insane. After just a few minutes of primping and spritzing I was no longer a total embarrassment to my family. I was one hot mama!

Now isn't that better? The sacrifice of my time was well worth it, don't you think? WHAT? That isn't the same person? That isn't even me? Well, I never...

Okay you got me, but my hair did look like a frizzy mess in my before which I am too embarrassed, myself, to post. My hair was also pretty sweet looking in my after even if my hair isn't that long and thick and beautiful. In my defense, though, I didn't have to waste time blowdrying my hair because the wind had done a fantabulous job of getting ever strand uber dry. I only had to straight-iron it and put some more smootz in it and viola- sexy momma!

Theme song- Fixing her hair by Ani DiFranco. The into is VERY long, but it is so appropriate for this post.