Sunday, November 30, 2008

End Of November- We are so very thankful

I got this idea from my friend. We had Family Home Evening last week and for the activity (and really the lesson, too, because keeping young kids attentive for more than 5 minutes is nearly impossible) we came up with a Thankful Alphabet. In parenthesis is the person who came up with the thankful word. Some are really funny, some are just great!

Apples- because it is one of my kids' favorite snacks (Mom)
Babies- we love our babies (Dad)
Candy- do we really need an explanation??? (Kylie)
Dad- simply precious (Jacob)
Eggs- a great lunch for the kids (Britin)
Food- need I say more???(Mom)
God (Dad)
Heaven (Kylie)
Ice Cream- a man after my own heart (Jacob)
Jesus- there was no hinting on this one, she came up with it all on her own!!(Britin)
Kylie- he loves his sister (Jacob went out of turn, but he really wanted to say his sister)
Life (Mom)
Mommy- very good answer!!! (Dad)
Neighbors- they brought cookies over to us the night before, they really are great! (Kylie)
Owen- a friend from church (Jacob)
Plugs/pacifiers (Malia)
Quilts- she needed a little bit of help on this one (Britin)
Rabbits- they miss our bunny (Malia)
Sundays- I get to go to church with my family (Mom)
Tickles- daddy's favorite thing to do! (Dad)
Utah- a wonderful place to live (Kylie)
Vote- a blessing to do so in our country (Jacob)
Water (Britin)
Xoxoxoxo- kisses and hugs (Malia)
Youngbloods- a really special family (Mom)
Zippers- not a fan of button flies (Dad)

Side note- when we got to "u" it was Kylie's turn. She blurted out (no prompting, I swear) "I am NOT going to say Utes." In case you are not from around these parts, the University of Utah Utes are MAJOR rivals with the BYU Cougars (especially in football). Our family bleeds blue and Kylie has been present for many discussions on the highlights of my BYU glory days. Go Cougars! In honor of my Alma Mater the Cougar fight song is tonight's theme song. If you feel so inclined- here are the words. Sing Loud and Proud!!!

Rise, all loyal Cougars and hurl your challenge to the foe.
You will fight, day or night, rain or snow.
Loyal, strong, and true
Wear the White and Blue.
While we sing, get set to spring.
Come on Cougars, it's up to you!

So Rise and Shout, the Cougars are out
Along the the trail to fame and glory.
Rise and shout, our cheers will ring out,
As you unfold your vict'ry story.
On you go to vanquish the foe
For Alma Mater's sons and daughters.
As we join in song, in praise of you, our faith is strong.
We'll raise our colors high in the blue,
And cheer our Cougars of BYU.