Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And the Oscar goes to...

Kylie, for her supporting role in the "Story of Thanksgiving."

Her class had a presentation yesterday. Kylie did great. She was so fun to watch. I sat down first, but then this other lady decided to put a chair in front of me- rude, huh? She was courteous enough to ask if I could still see. DUH! Why do you ask, why don't you just move out of my way??? Seriously, some people. Well, then Kylie's teacher moved the class over a bit, which put the lady's big head right in my way, so I had to lean this way and that to get pictures of my daughter. I should have been just as rude and told her she was totally in my way and to move her hiney, but my mom didn't raise me like that. SO, these are the best pics I could get. Sorry if they are blurry. This time I am totally blaming it on the lady with the big head and rude personality!

Kylie sitting Indian-style, getting ready for one of the songs.

Kylie's cousin, Wyatt. He is in her class.

More of Kylie's friends. Andrew is in the middle (green shirt). He goes to church with us.

Kylie's boyfriend, Aidan. So, I know she still has 9 years until she can date, but she totally is Jonesing for Aidan.