Tuesday, November 18, 2008


In honor of my 100th post (I know it took me a little while to get back in the blogworld- it is quite intimidating to have to come up with 100 things to write about) I thought I'd change up the tradition a little bit. Here goes:

If I Had A Million Dollars I Would

  1. The obvious is pay off all my debt. Wouldn't that be great? My school loans were worth it because if I hadn't gone to college at BYU I wouldn't have met my gorgeous hubby. If he hadn't gone to school he wouldn't be a cool medical equipment technician. The house isn't the best, but it sure would be nice not to have to pay on the thing anymore! AND, I would tear up all my credit cards...not that I have a lot, I would just get rid of them F.O.R.E.V.E.R!
  2. I would also like to help my parents and Dally's parents. I'd probably buy my parents a home up here to encourage them to come live by me. I would really love my kids to have them closer. One visit a year is not enough! They are awesome grandparents and my bro- who still lives at home would come with them, and he is the best uncle E.V.E.R!
  3. I would move my sisters closer too. Okay, only some of them, but at least I would have most of my family together. I am not going to mention which sister I wouldn't have close by, but according to her I am not her sister, so I doubt she would want to live close by "non-relatives."
  4. I would drop all of my clothes off at DI and make a run to the closest mall with a few of my stylish friends and have them help me get a new wardrobe. I am not the best at picking out great clothes and I don't venture too far away from the Jeans section of any store. I am a total jean-junkie!
  5. I would make an appointment for laser hair removal. I totally would. I don't think I need to be wasting time shaving, plucking, and waxing if I have a million dollars, so I would get all the hair removed (except for my hair that is in the right place- which is already doing a darn good job of removing itself- female balding runs in my family- I know you are excited to know that about me).
  6. I would have my hair and nails done. I have been a nail biter off and on since I was little. Only a few times have I had my nails done and I totally love it. It makes me feel more feminine. Also, since I went gray at 18 (yes, balding and graying- YIKES) I would keep my hair weaved on time. Right now I can barely stretch the budget to get it done every 6 months, which makes me a skunk for way too long!
  7. Remember me saying I would pay off my house? Well, then, I would tear this one down and rebuild. I'd build one that doesn't have a dungeon for a basement. One with more kitchen, a master bathroom, better carpet, and maybe a few more rooms so it is easier for all my family to visit. Of course, if they are all living close that wouldn't really be a necessity, would it? I also would love a bigger master bedroom!
  8. Speaking of master bedrooms- I would love a new bed. We have been married 9 years and have never had real bedroom furniture. I would love a beautiful sleigh bed or something cool like that. An end of the bed trunk, a gorgeous vanity/desk for all my goods, nice bedside tables, the works.
  9. I would tear out my yard, level it and make it beautiful. I love the size of my yard, it was one of the main selling points to us. There is total room for our kids to run and get all the energy out, but if you run too much you also take your chances on a sprained ankle. The yard is COMPLETELY uneven!
  10. I would pave our driveway. I hate graval driveways. In the snow I can't shovel, in the rain- don't even get me started!
  11. I would have a few more trees planted in my yard. I love trees.
  12. I would have a new garden area put in. One with weedless soil. Or, I would hire someone to weed my garden every week during gardening season if weedless soil isn't possible. I hate to weed. I know it is a necessary evil to keep a garden going, but I don't have a fondness for weeds.
  13. I'd put in a privacy vinyl fence. It isn't because I don't love my neighbors. I truly think they are great. I am so blessed to live here, but I also like to keep my kids safe. There is a sex-offender of the registry that lives only a couple blocks from here and I am over-protectice with my kids I think. I don't let them in the front yard unless I am with them!
  14. I'd buy a bike. I haven't had a bike since I was probably a young teen. (I didn't even have a bike on my mission. Sister missionaries just borrowed bikes from members in the area that they served in. I only had 2 biking areas. Other than that I walked or had a car. For those who aren't LDS- I am, this one might not make a whole lot of sense, sorry!) I would love to take my whole family on cool bike rides. Right now the kids and daddy are the only ones who go, of course they usually go when mommy is at work, so it isn't too big of a deal, but I want to be included.
  15. I am aware of my vanity, did you know I am vain? You probably didn't because I dress like a crazy woman and never really have my hair done. But because of vanity I would totally have a tummy tuck and probably an chestal-area lift. I don't think I would go for an enhancement, but I don't need a pair of knee-knockers. I know that was too much information.
  16. I'd pay for a personal trainer. I'd like to lose the fat, too, to go along with the vanity thing, but I would like to do that the right way. The tummy tuck is for the extra skin and stretch marks from having 4 beautiful kids.
  17. I'd but a lifetime supply of Smart Cookies for all my friends- ya, you know who you are, Laina, Melinda, Shanna, Sherry, etc... If you don't live nearby, you are definitely missing out. These are fantabulous sugar cookies.
  18. I would buy a copy of Mamma Mia for all of my ladies that went to see the movie with me- we had such a great ladies night out! Thanks for indulging me, and coming out with me for a super-fun night!
  19. Get a closet full of new suits for Dalen. He looks totally hot in a stylish suit. He may not think so, but isn't my opinion the one that really counts?
  20. Buy a vaccum that really works. Or maybe just hire a maid service since I really don't clean my house anyway. Since I will have a new house I am sure that I will want it to stay clean, and the only way for that to really happen is for someone else to do it.
  21. Stock up on hot cocoa mix. I am addicted! I might even have to buy a few more cocoa-motion machines. It is the best invention!
  22. Go on a trip to Hawaii with my hubby.
  23. Then I would go on a trip to Hawaii with all my ladies. If you want to go, just let me know. Not that I will have a million dollars anytime soon, but just in case it ever happens.
  24. I would download tons of music from iTunes. I love music!
  25. Download a bunch of audiobooks while I was at it!
  26. Get my teeth whitened...so we are back to the vanity thing, what can I say?
  27. Actually I think I'll get braces first to straighten my teeth and widen them (I don't know if that makes any sense to anyone but me) and then I'd have my teeth whitened. I'd really like to love my smile someday!
  28. I'd upgrade my computer. I have a super cool monitor now, I had to get a new one when the old one kicked the bucket, but the computer is outdated, huge and very crazy.
  29. Buy educational toys for my kids, and buckets to make them all organized. I'd love to have one of those play rooms you see in magazine or on TLC when they make a super awesome family/play room.
  30. I'd buy fashionable clothes for my kids. They currently have only hand-me-downs. I am grateful for all my family and friends who help me keep my kids in clothes, but lately Jake and Kylie have to wear high-waters. They are growing too fast.
  31. I'd get Malia a ton of pacifiers. She loses them constanly, and I don't think she is quite ready to give them up. This is getting hard!
  32. I love MASH, as most of you probably know. The ringtone on my phone for all callers except the hubby is the MASH themesong. I would finally buy the whole series of the show.
  33. Since I am on the topic of my favorite TV show and what I would like to have the collection of- I would also get the following: JAG
  34. NCIS
  35. PSYCH (hilarious!)
  36. Monk
  37. Dawson's Creek (I know this is a teenie-bopper show, but I loved it when it was on)
  38. Law and Order (the regular show)
  39. Law and Order Criminal Intent
  40. Law and Order SVU (but only the first few seasons- I don't watch this one anymore because #1 I don't really watch TV anymore and #2 it is getting to be too much!)
  41. Matlock. Back in the day, I loved watching this show. Anytime of day it was on, I watched it. When I was working graveyard shift early in my marriage, Dalen and I would come home on our lunch break (we worked at the same place) and we would have lunch/dinner together and I'd sit down for a showing of Matlock.
  42. Simon and Simon- thanks to my parents I love this oldie. The theme song alone can make me get up and dance! I remember my parents dancing to this when I was young!
  43. The Nanny. Dalen hates this show, but I loved it. I used to watch all the reruns on Lifetime- again, back in the day when I watched TV A LOT!
  44. Back to my house that I am going to build- I want a wrap around porch wide enough to have a swing and some super-comfy chairs to sit on in the evening and watch the sun go down.
  45. I'd actually put A/C in my house. This is quite the fabulous idea since I have been toasting in my house the last 3 years. Swampcoolers just don't do the trick and they warp all the doors and make my house feel muggy.
  46. I'd pay for Laina and Melinda's houses so they would be able to stay here. I don't want them to move away! I love my friends!
  47. I'd pay for a lot for Shanna to move her house back into our neighborhood. I know your house isn't going to be very far away once it is finished, but I don't want you to move any farther than you already are!
  48. I'd have a super awesome food storage. This is something Dalen really wants to have, so I thought I would add it for his sake. On top of the fact that since our economy is going in the crapper it would be a great thing to have.
  49. I'd go to Culinary School. I love to cook! It is great when I learn to make something great and I'd love to learn the true art!
  50. I want to learn how to make wedding cakes- really awesome ones! I'd even make them for free for all my friends and family, and maybe anyone else that strikes my fancy (isn't that a great term?). For my friends in the blogging world, if this really happens- I so would do this for all your kids if you wanted, but again, the possibility of my getting a million dollars is next to nill, but I can always dream, right? Half way there!
  51. I'd hire a videographer to document the lives of my kids. There are way too many precious moments I miss with my camera and I don't want to miss anymore of them. They really are cute/funny/great kids! No matter how crazy they drive me!
  52. I'd buy backup copies of all my favorite movies. There are so many, where do I start? Both versions of North and South, the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Masterpiece Theater's version of Jane Eyre (fabulously done!), Enchanted (I love this one! I really do!), Can't Buy Me Love (although there are times I have to cover my eyes because I am too embarrassed for the guy!), Sixteen Candles (you can't tell me that you hate this movie, it just isn't possible!), oh, the list goes on and on. Really, I haven't even touched the surface of the greatest movies of all times!
  53. I'd buy new towels. This seems so simple and yet, since it has been 9 year since I got married, I have 4 kids and a hubby, my towels are all pretty trashed. I love the fluffy, super soft bath sheets. You know, the ones that are bigger than your body. Those are the ones. That's the good stuff! I still have one of my towels from my college days- BMs (before marriage and before mission).
  54. I'd get a shiny, awesome set of pots and pans. The really expensive ones that are supposed to last forever. I have already been through 2 sets since we got married. I told you I love to cook. Since they get used to often, I need ones that will stand up to the wear and tear!
  55. I'd sue the pants off of my stupid mortgage broker. I know that all the attorneys I have talked to say that this will do me no good and even though I have TONS of proof that he is a crook and a jerk, I'd like to make him rue the day he messed with me!!!!
  56. I'd visit Europe. I have a thing for history, and I'd love to visit ALL the historical sites in Europe! WWI and WWII sites, castles, the Louvre and other museums, sites out of classic books, etc. This would take some time, I know, but it would be so worth it, don't you think? Talk about a real life history lesson for my kids. I'd have to wait until they were old enough to not drive me crazy while touring, but I'd definitely want them there with me to learn about all of these things!
  57. I'd go to Australia. I'm not too sure why, since this started off as a "prison island" for England (except for the natives that were already there), but it looks like an interesting place to go. I love the movie Quigley Down Under and have a great fondness for most Australian actors/actresses!
  58. I'd get the fastest internet connection known to man. I am super impatient. I can admit it. Even cable internet can drive me crazy. Could you even imagine dial up? I know there are people out there with dial-up still. My heart aches for you. My sister is one of them. I might even have to splurge and get her hooked up with better internet, since I am already paying for her to move here.
  59. I'd pay for my dad to finish his Bachelors Degree- after all these years, I think it is about time!
  60. I'd pay for my sisters and brother to get degrees- I don't need to be the only one with a Bachelors Degree. It is so worth is... speaking of which
  61. I'd get my degree framed in a really cool matted frame so that I can display it prominently in my home!
  62. I'd get Dalen's degree framed, too, and hang it right beside mine. I want my kids to know how important an education is, even if you are going to be a SAHM or have a job totally unrelated to your field of studies. I don't work in my field that my degree is in, but I wouldn't give up the learning experiences I had at college. The social, emotional, and knowledge experiences are priceless!
  63. I'd help my kids with their educations, but not pay for all of it. It was a good thing, for me, I think to work my way through college. I treasured it more because it wasn't just handed to me. I had to take loans out for the schooling and had to work so I had a place to live and food to eat.
  64. I'd get a fax machine. How super annoying it is that I have to mooch off of a friend, or my hubby's work to get something faxed. It doesn't happen very often that I have to fax something, but when it does happen, I'd like to be able to do it right then. This goes back to my lack of patience.
  65. I'd buy a library full of books. I love to read. I love to see my kids reading. I want them to have a love for reading, and learn to explore life through more than just the tv.
  66. I'd by more house plants. Why- because they are cool! I've actually learned how to keep some of them alive. I have been known to have quite the black thumb when it comes to house plants. There are only certain kinds that I can keep alive, but I would get a ton of those! Who cares that they are all the same?
  67. I'd hire someone to be my secretary. If you have ever been to my house you will see stacks and boxes full of papers that I have yet to file. I actually have a filing cabinet, but I never seem to take the time to file the papers where they belong.
  68. I'd get an industrial paper shredder. Just for fun! I have a lot of stuff I have to shred, and when I worked at the State Hospital it was great fun to be the one in charge of shredding stuff in their monster shredder!
  69. I'd put in a drinking fountain in my house and in the yard. I am not sure how well the outside one would work since we live in a cold area, but it would be nice to cut down on the amount cups that we use in this house. Plus, then my kids might stop asking me if they can have some of my drink- Large Gulp mug with Sonic Ice and water. The Sonic ice is my favorite.
  70. I'd get new couches and a wonderful recliner to sit and read in, in front of the fire during the cold winter days when I won't be rocking on my wraparound porch reading. Did I mention that I will spend a lot of time reading? Because I am pretty sure I will... not that this will ever happen, but I would love it!
  71. I'd pay for all of my family and Dalen's family to get better health insurance. Don't get me on a soapbox about universal healthcare- it's not the answer- I'd just like to help our families because they pay so much for such cruddy insurance.
  72. I'd get a drawer full of fabulous fitting bras. Did you all read Seriously Shellie's blog about the bra incident? Check it out! It's well worth it. I've read it about 10 time and I still laugh- out loud.
  73. I'd have foot surgery. Shoes never fit right on my feet. I have my grandma's feet, which only are getting worse as I get older. I'd like to fix them so I can get comfy fitting shoes.
  74. Which leads to...a closet full of shoes. I have mentioned before in my postings that I have never paid a ton for shoes, I usually wear sandals. I'd like to have a collection of shoes that would actually match the super cute clothes that will be in my closet after the fun outing of shoping with my fashionable friends.
  75. I'd send some fun things to my blog friend CTD because she is my kindred spirit! I'd probably send her some Smart Cookies since she lives in HI and I don't know if they have them there, probably not. I'd also send her a cool Twilight t-shirt because she is awesome and sent one to me for just being from Utah and stalking her blog. She is the best! I'd also send some stuff for her kids. She would have to give some cool ideas. Maybe if they likes my cool stuff that I would send, they would really like me and invite me to come to their house to visit while I am on my trip to Hawaii that I mentioned earlier.
  76. This really should top the list, but somehow it ended up down here at #76- I would stop working. There are too many moments that I miss with my family because I am gone.
  77. Since I wouldn't be working anymore I would be home at night and on the weekends, so I would implement a weekly game night with all of my friends. Even though Dal hates games, I would plan it anyway. I miss being able to hang with other couples every week.
  78. I would also implement a weekly girls night out. I'd be able to pay for a babysitter and wouldn't feel so bad since I would be home with my kids the rest of the time. This way, Dal could have a weekly guys night out too. By the way- did you know that most guys, if they see a movie together will let a seat be in between them and their friend. It has something to do with not looking gay, spreading out, whatever. You'd never see me do that with my friends!
  79. I'd get a really cool, fabulous, high-tech camera and really learn how to use it. I am not the best picture taker and I'd love to learn.
  80. To go along with learn photography I'd have to get Photoshop Pro or something like that so I could tweek the pictures. Then you would all love my blog because I would have the best pictures ever!
  81. I'd adopt a couple more kids. This may sound totally lame to some of you, but it does cost $$, dinero, mula, cashola to adopt. Since I am not able to have anymore through my disfunctional body, I'd love to be able to have some through some other loving soul. Dal and I didn't feel quite finished, but my old ticker is older than the rest of me and wouldn't make it through another pregnancy. I'd like to stick around for the kids I already have!
  82. (18 more to go) I'd get my brother a super cool TV to watch all of the movies that he loves to quote. He is amazing. If there is ever a quote you want to hear, can't think of the name of an actor/actress, can't remember the title of a movie, he is your guy. I totally use him for my lifeline on movie questions.
  83. I'd pay for my parents to go on a mission. I know this is something they totally want to do, but right now is not feasible, so I'd make it a reality for them.
  84. I'd go to the theater- plays and movies. Love to go, but just don't have the time or money.
  85. I'd take my friend Shannon to see Phantom of the Opera (wherever it is playing in the world at the time). When we were seniors her mom paid for all of us to see the play for Shannon's b-day and I fell asleep. It really isn't boring, I was just SUPER tired. I felt really bad about it, and would love to really have that experience again, minus the snoozing this time!
  86. I'd get a really nice iPod that has tons of space for tons of songs. In fact I think I would buy one for songs,
  87. one for comedy- which I totally love because laughing is the most wonderful thing in the world,
  88. and one for audiobooks.
  89. I'd decorate my house really fun for Christmas, my favorite holiday. I'd have a life-sized manger scene, gorgeous lights all over my house, the works.
  90. I really would love a surger. Not sure if that is spelled right, but I am learning to sew and quilt right now and this is quite a handy thing to have around!
  91. I'd take my family to the Bahamas, where my dad's distant family lives. His ancestors helped settle that area, so I think it would be really cool to see people who actually have the same last name I grew up with. Not a common last name at all- here in the good 'ole US of A!
  92. I'd donate a ton of it to my church. They have so many humanitarian things going on that I would love to help out with that.
  93. I'd get a Britin-proof locked closet to hide the "Mommy stash" of candy- an essential for all moms. This is to hold all gum, chocolate and other goodies that mom's crave and need for our sanity. If you don't have one already I highly recommend this!
  94. I'd get a second Britin-proof locked closet to put all kids' snacks in, this includes but is not limited to gum for them, cupcakes, chips, candies, fruit snacks, and cookies.
  95. Since my parents would be up here, I'd have to pay for season ticket and airfare for my parents to be able to go to all the Dodger games they want to got to. Of course I would have to tag along to root for our boys!
  96. Do you go through as many sticky notes as I do? I'd get a lifetime supply of them. I am addicted to chocolate and sticky notes. They are all over my desk. Don't judge me. I have not moved into the technology era with our handheld personal devices. Sticky notes work just fine for me, thank you very much!
  97. I'd get a ton of educational, family feature films for my kids. They are too much $$ now, and the few we have my kids love. So, when they aren't reading I will let them watch good shows!
  98. I'd get the BEST costumes ever for my kids for Halloween. That is just one of the reasons I always hated Halloween. Aside from the fact that it is not really a holiday (because holiday implies Holy Day- and halloween is anything but holy!) I thought there was too much competition to see who had the best looking, most creative, dumb costume.
  99. I'd get treated for all of my allergies so that I could have fresh flowers around me all the time. I am allergic to just about everything in nature besides food- thank heaven for that, it would be so hard with my love of all things food (besides seafood- see below for the explanation!).
  100. I would go to Disneyland!
Hey that's it for me. Thanks for going on this makebelieve ride with me. Enjoy the end of the show...