Friday, May 2, 2008

New Round of Sickness

Okay, so I was pondering taking a picture of my throat and Dalen's throat, but then thought better of it. I don't think any of you want to gag. Dalen came home from work on Monday, running a fever of 103. I had him in bed and quarantined from the kids. He just slept mostly, trying to sweat it out, which he did multiple times, thinking he was getting better.

The next morning (Tuesday) he couldn't swallow, so we sent him off to the doctor to have his throat swabbed. Yup, his third round of Strep Throat in 5 months. (Actually, as I am typing this I am on hold with the dr's office to schedule another check to see if they will take his tonsils out.) The doctor he saw gave him 2 shots to jump start the healing because it was one of the worst cases of strep he has seen. The office is only about 1 mile from our house, and they didn't want him driving home. He convinced them he was okay enough to get home. When he walked through the door he fell into bed in a lot of pain. Two days later I found out why he was crying. He mostly slept and watched movies, staying away from everyone so as not to spread the strep.

Well, Wednesday morning I got up and went to Humanitarian, like always. Had fun visiting with the ladies. By noon I wasn't feeling so well. I was hurting everywhere and shaking. Dalen had been on the medicine for 24 hours at this point so he was doing somewhat better, so I headed to the doctor. After 2 attempts at swabbing my throat I told the very new nurse that I could hold my tongue down by myself if he will just hurry the swab. That one worked and the doctor came in shortly after to tell me my test came back positive- I had strep too. So exciting. I headed home (not needing the shots since I caught it early enough). I fell into bed and tried uselessly to sleep. My body ached, and my head started to pound. I don't remember having this kind of headache with any other case of strep I have ever had (and for those who know me well, know that I have had more than my share of strep in my life). I started to cry. Dalen took really good care of me and the kids, even though he wasn't completely better. Thursday I stayed in bed most of the day, trying still to get better.

This morning Dalen went to work and I got up with the kids. Neither of us is 100%, but we are adults, life doesn't stop. We have responsibilities to do, stinky! Thankfully the kids don't show any signs of getting this, and I pray that they don't. Jacob had his tonsils out just before Christmas last year (2007) and Britin had hers out when she was 18 months old, so both of them should be okay. But, we are watching Kylie and Malia to make sure that they are okay.