Monday, May 19, 2008

On the Road ... Again

Okay, so as of this morning at 5:00am Dalen was on the road again, this time going to Montana. He is pretty close to the Canadian border. I doubt he will have a chance to see much of the scenery there. He is trying hard to finish up the last of the stretchers that need to be fixed so that next week will be his last week on the road. Yes, he has to be on the road next week. He is coming home for the weekend and will head out again on Monday. Man it is going to be a hard week with just the kids.

And, yet again, I have a sick child while Dalen is gone. The last time he headed out I told him he can't ever leave again because every time he has left one of the kids gets sick. Not just a cold kind of sick, I mean chucking kind of sick. This time was Britin's turn. She really isn't sick, she has a very sensitive stomach and she had something today that didn't agree with her. She lost her food coming home from a trip to the store. Kylie proceeded to freak out and cry. That added to the wonderfulness of the experience. Britin ate a full dinner (as much as I would allow her to have) and is now PLAYING in the shower. She is absolutely fine, but man, I don't like it when this happens. I am going to be worrying all night if she is okay. I don't sleep well when Dalen is gone and this is going to add to my restlessness.

I am adding a funny picture of Malia. A couple of weeks ago we went over to our friends' house and played. They have a trampoline, too. Malia went over to where the kids were (on the trampoline). There was a little plastic kids chair there that the older kids were using to get onto the trampoline. Malia climbed on and leaned forward (on the back of the chair) and face planted into the dirt. Being the worried mother that I am, I took her inside and asked my friend, Laina if she had her camera handy to snap a few pics. Nice, huh? I did clean her up after the photo-op and there weren't any scrapes. I love the pathetic look on her face.