Friday, May 23, 2008

Apparently we have not learned!

It is Friday, and Dalen is on his way home. I thought that we had made it through the week unscathed. I was wrong!
Apparently my daughter, Britin, has not learned. I ran up to the school to pick up Kylie after their field day (when they perform a dance for the parents and then get to play games the rest of the day). Malia was sleeping, and since we only live a couple blocks from the school I thought we would be safe. I tell the kids, every time I leave them home to get Kylie, that they are not to open the doors, answer the phone or get into mischief. Up until today they have done pretty well at following those instructions.
Today was different. When I returned home Malia was in the office with Jacob and Britin. That wasn't too bad, except I wasn't happy that Britin had gotten Malia out of bed. They were just in the office watching Jacob play his Star Wars Legos game. I picked up Malia to love her and noticed a lot of fuzzies all over her shirt. She has started in the family tradition of picking furry things, so at first I didn't think too much of it. Then, it dawned on me, this was too fine. It was her hair. Britin gave Malia her first haircut today. I am thinking that I wasn't specific enough in my instructions of what NOT to do while Mommy is gone.
Here are a few pics of Malia's haircut, along with a funny face. You may not notice much of a difference, but she used to be able to have a spout on the top of her head- no more. There also was a big, and close, straight cut, on the back of her head. Look closely at that one. I wasn't able to do much with that one.
Oh no, the story doesn't end there. Britin also decided to take a chunk out of her own hair. So, Britin had to have another haircut. Here are the results of her haircut (that I gave her to fix what she had done). How do I teach her to stop this? I told her the next time she does it she won't be a princess anymore because I will cut it all off. Maybe that is mean, but I can't seem to help her understand that haircutting is not for the underaged!