Friday, May 23, 2008

Field Day at Shelley Elementary

Kylie has field day today at her school. Each grade performs a fun dance for the parents and then they have a special day at school where they can get their faces painted, eat cotton candy and play games. It was fun to see their dances and watch them interact with the other kids. The kids had a great time together (not the school-aged ones). Jacob and Britin got to play with their friends while we waited for the festivities to start. I brought a huge bag of snacks to keep them occupied, but that didn't last very long. Most of the stuff ended up in the grass next to the blanket. We sat with some friends from our ward. This is a picture of the great gals I hung with this morning. Left to right- Carla Nielsen, Kathy Adamson, and Laina Lefler. There was also my friend, Jenny Jolley, but she was up taking a picture of her son when I snapped this picture.
Unfortunately the weather wasn't so wonderful, so we had to leave right after Kylie's grade performed. I felt bad leaving, but it was starting to sprinkle and I had the 3 kids, 2 camping chairs, a big blanket, the diaper bag and a bag of snacks. Luckily the camera was in the diaper bag or that would have been one more bag to carry. I was parked about a block away from the school (we would have walked, but I didn't like the way the sky looked). I didn't think I could make it to the car at the last minute in case of a downpour, so I packed everything up as soon as Kylie was done. She did great. The pictures of Kylie are when she was dancing. During the activities Kylie had her face painted. She got to choose what they did. I think she chose wisely! She was very proud of herself. I was also proud of her because I didn't have any change, so I had to give her a $10 bill so she could participate. I only wanted to give her $5, so I was secretly hoping she would be wise. She came home with $6.00. I was a proud mom! She said she had plenty of money and had a lot of fun.