Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend of Too Much Excitement

I was waiting to write this until I was a little more sane, a little less crazy- if that is possible. This weekend seemed to be going well. I had an orientation to go to for my new job. I was gone Saturday from 7:30am - 2:15pm. I got home and Dalen and the kids had cleaned the house, had lunch, gotten dressed, did all the things they should have done. I was a pretty happy wife and mom. The kids went with Daddy to the park to ride their scooters (it was a beautiful day).

When they got home we all piled into the car to go get Daddy some new work pants. The kids were a little too crazy, so they weren't allowed to go to their friend's house after dinner. We picked up Del Taco and went home to eat. Dinner went okay- it is what happened next that made the weekend too exciting (not in a good way!).

We all went outside to work on the garden and play together as a family. We were playing "Monkey in the Middle" with the ball and jumping on the trampoline. Well, the trampoline was a hit with the kids, and they were having so much fun I was running in the house to get the camera. While looking for it I took the opportunity to return a phone call to Sherry. While on the phone- heading on my way outside- I was met at the back door with Dalen holding Jacob in his arms, convulsing. Jacob's eyes were rolling in the back of his head, and he was kind of limp, but jerking at the same time. (Is that possible?) I was freaking out, Dalen was crying. He said he had bounced Jacob and he landed hard and said his back hurt and he then he started to jerk.

So you all don't freak too much at this point, I will hurry the story along. We all jumped in the car, Dalen in the back, holding Jacob still. By the time we got to the instacare Jacob was wiggling his toes, he was breathing easy and doing much better. The instacare is only about 3 minute drive from our house. Apparently he had the wind knocked out of him and he was jerking to try to get breath back in him. All in all, too much excitement, which I don't care to EVER relive. Since then, we have restated some trampoline rules, which are going to be followed- no getting laxed on them! Only 2 kids on the tramp at a time. No double-bouncing. No adults on with kids. No more than 1 adult at a time. And the general rule of BE CAREFUL!!! I don't recommend this experience for anyone else. Learn from our stupidity!

A side note- Dalen used to work at a wheelchair shop in SLC. A good number of children's injuries that caused them to be in a wheelchair were caused by trampoline accidents. And yet, we still were relaxed on our rules. We had no reason not to be careful- we had heard all of the scary trampoline stories, and we still were reckless on the trampoline. PLEASE BE CAREFUL on your trampolines!