Monday, April 21, 2008

Meanest Parents EVER!

Okay, so Jeanne can attest to the beginning of this story. I was on the phone with her on Friday when Kylie came running in the front room, telling me that Britin was outside screaming. I was running to the back door as I told Jeanne goodbye. Britin was walking in the door holding her hand. My immediate thought was that she had broken her hand or something like that. She was screaming bloody murder- I really thought she was hurt. Taking a closer look, she was holding her hand, shaking because she had a bug on her (the size of an ant- but with wings). She kept looking at it and screaming, so I blew it off of her hand.

I was still shaking, but had to call Jeanne to tell her the story. Later I told Dalen the story. He died laughing.

The next day (Saturday) we were sitting at the table having lunch when Dalen decided to trick Britin and tell her she had a bug on her. She immediately went into hysterics. Dalen and I couldn't help but laugh. Unfortunately we didn't have the camera to capture the moment so later that night we tried to trick her again. The video doesn't do justice to the previous "performances" but it is still a good one. I swear we are the meanest parents, but to see her face when she thinks that there is a bug on her, it is hilarious! When you check out the video turn off the sound for the music or pause it because you need to hear what is being said.