Thursday, April 24, 2008

Surviving Today- someone throw me a life jacket!

Okay, the theme of today was survival...

I went to bed late last night, or I should say this morning. I had to stop off after work to get medicine for Malia, who is still working on a couple of teeth. So, this morning was a little hard, and I went back to sleep after getting Kylie to school, Dalen off to work, Malia fed and back in bed for a nap. I thought Britin had gone back to bed (yes that's right, she was up VERY early this morning- or maybe she didn't really sleep last night, I'm not quite sure on that one). I was so wrong. She and Jacob were up and doing what they do best... creating mischief.

I was only able to stay one step behind them, yup, behind, not ahead. Who can anticipate what is going on in their little minds?... especially when you combine those two minds...

When I got up I found them jumping in Malia's crib, playing swords with the curtain rod (the curtain now laying on the floor in a crumpled mess). Luckily Malia was not in her crib with them or she may have been slain by the warriors. Maybe lucky isn't the word, because I don't think I really want to know how she got out of the crib and on to Kylie's bed.

After cleaning that and sending Jacob and Bits downstairs I went in to the kitchen to fix a little breakfast to give me a jump start. To my surprise, well not really, there was milk out on the table still (Jacob can get his own breakfast and usually does a great job). That wasn't the topper. It was what I saw all over the table, the floor and one of the chairs that sent me into a fit. They had let Malia climb on the table, apparently, and she spilled Jacob's first bowl of Cocoa Krispies. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the worst cereal to clean up. And yet, my children discovered how to make it worse. They dropped DRY towels on the spill to pick up the milk. Now I had mushy cocoa krispies drying all over my kitchen. I was thinking of busting out the hammer and chisel to get it off everything when realized I needed to do my morning constitutional and head to the bathroom.

In the bathroom I found a roll of TP in the toilet soaking all the water it could hold - man that tp is absorbent. After fishing it out of the toilet I did the usual activities in there. While trying to have a relaxing moment I let my eyes take in the other chaos in the bathroom. There were wipes all over the floor behind the tub crushed goldfish crackers on the floor behind the tub and to the side. Not to be outdone by the fishies, the laundry got in on the action and scattered behind the tub. I am not sure why this is the area of choice for messes, except that maybe it is next to impossible to get it cleaned without getting on my hands a knees and doing the ElastiGirl stretch.

Back in to the kitchen after cleaning up that mess, I decided on cleaning up as much as possible with the dry towels, and rinsing them out to put over the dried chocolate mush to soak.

Then I was downstairs to switch over laundry when I discovered a burning rubber smell. Come to find out the kids were "helping" and sucked up some unknown substance (I don't even want to know) leading to the vacuum burning its belt. Great!

About 2:00 I finally jumped in the shower to make sure I was at least presentable to pick up Kylie from school. When I got her home the kids all wanted a snack- bag of chips, no problem. While taking care of Malia, Britin and Jacob snuck into the front room and spilled their chips on the entryway floor. Malia enjoyed that mess, and participated in the cleanup by eating as much as she could.

I still had an order of stickers to do, so, thinking that I was sort-of caught up on the messes I headed into my office, where I discovered velcro dots all over. Britin thought they were lovely decorations, so she put them on everything, using the rest of what I had which was supposed to be for a project for the kids.

I then called my friend, Laina, to tell her about an email I received. She said she had missed Jacob today. Oh NO!!! It is Thursday. He had preschool and I forgot. In all of the chaos I had forgotten to take him. You mean I could have had one less troublemaker for 2 1/2 hours? Yes, that's right.

Seriously, am I ever going to get this mom stuff down???