Sunday, April 6, 2008

General Conference Weekend

I am still working on doing a makeover for the blog, but until then you all are going to have to deal with just checking out this plain-jane blog. Hope you like it anyway.

Last night the kids were being a little crazy. After a whole day (at least it seemed like a whole day to the kids) of watching General Conference they had a lot of energy built up. The funny thing was that we only required them to be in the room when the sustainings were happening. Today we are asking that they listen to the prophet, but other than that they can do what they normally are allowed to do on a Sunday. I listened to the whole conference (minus the Priesthood session- which Dalen told me all about- he took excellent notes).

As I was in my office in the afternoon- watching the afternoon session on the internet- I turned around to see a darling picture of Malia- so with the fun that I have been having with my new camera I just had to snap a few pictures. This just made my day. I love looking at her beautiful little face. The smile just melts my heart.

Later, Dalen came home from the Priesthood session and was playing with Malia. Again, I had to grab the camera. Have you ever seen a baby that was more of a Daddy's girl? Sometimes I think that it is more the whiskers that makes her laugh than just being ticklish, but maybe it is a combination of both. I'm not even sure that sentence make sense, but hopefully you all understand what I meant.

One last thing- Britin came in to the office while I was downloading music in between sessions. She heard the music and started to dance- as usual. She is my "tiny dancer." What a diva! Sometimes she looks like she stops, but really, she is still dancing. So keep watching. My favorite part is when she wipes the hair from her face. She is a dramatic little girl. Don't forget to clap at the end.

I will keep you posted on Malia's walking. Last night she got up to 7 steps in a row. What a big girl!