Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our Engagement Anniversary!

Okay, so Mom was talking to me the other day and was thinking that Jacob's birthday was today (April 17th). I told her it was the 16th. She said she knew something was on the 17th but could not remember what, so I will let her (and therefore everyone else checking out my blog) what today is...

Exactly 9 years ago I went over to Dalen's apartment in Provo. He had made a nice dinner for me- BBQ chicken. His roommates had helped cleaned the apartment really well, and had set a candlelight table for our dinner. Shortly after finishing our food Dalen pulled out a cheesy, goofy cowboy hat he had picked up at DI and picked up his guitar. He had written a funny/wonderful song for me. Then he asked me to marry him. When he tells the story, he adds that he got down on one knee, but honestly, he didn't. I know he was nervous, so that probably made him not remember, and I also know he had every intention on getting on one knee, however, nope, he didn't. (man that was a LONG sentence) Anyway, he looked at me for my answer- I had forgotten to say yes right away. "Yes, Of course I will!" And I am so glad I did.