Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just here waiting for the knock...

This is the scene- driving home from church on Sunday.

The kids were in their seats and all but Malia are old enough and capable of putting their restraints/seat belts on. Why in the world would I do that for them? So, off we go, on the drive to the house (not too far away, come on, we live in Utah. Should we really be driving to church?). Anyhow, Kylie had taken Britin's seat belt and snapped it on her. Kylie is in the back seat, Britin is in the middle seat. I don't know how best to describe this so I am going to do a poor drawing of the van.

The pink area is where Britin was sitting, the purple is Kylie's seat. Kylie grabbed the seatbelt that Britin was supposed to use and then yelled at Britin to get her seat belt on. Britin was screaming back that she couldn't and yelling for Kylie to give it back. It was total mayhem. I asked a few times, calmly, if they would stop annoying each other. I had had enough! I turned around, totally serious and yelled at them both, "I will beat you!" Apparently I was so totally serious when yelling this that Dalen couldn't help but break out into a hearty laugh. I looked at his dumbfounded, and to be honest, quite upset that he was laughing at me and didn't help get the kids quieted down.

So, here I sit (along with Sherry) waiting for a knock on my door from DCFS to take my kids away so I won't abuse them, or offer parenting classes that will improve my patience/argument resolution skills.

honestly, I didn't lay a finger on them, I was restrained in my own seat belt.

Theme song for today- tubthumping by Chumbawamba.