Thursday, January 15, 2009

It crashed Hard!!!! Bruises and blood everywhere!

It was terrible... and I as front and center for the crash. One I never want to see again. I mean, it was worse than a basic car crash when you just can't look away. There was blood, guts and body parts sprawled all over... my desk. Yup, that's right. My life blood, my work, my hobbies, everything, lost...dead...and now, buried.

I had a forwarning that something was going very, very wrong with my computer. I quickly started burning all important information (like pictures for future blogging). It was like surgery. I had to be as meticulous as possible, making sure that I got all essential items saved. Since surgery is delicate and always seems to take hours longer than expected I have had my total focus on getting things worked out. Also, since I had a freakin' retarded computer seizure I didn't have total use of it so I had to wait until today to blog. Yeah! I am back online, back on track, and enjoying (somewhat) my computer again.

We are now in the rebuilding phase of the meltdown. I have to reload all of my necessary programs- fun. I know you are all jealous. You wish you were me! Then, once that is complete I have download the files back on to my computer. At least I didn't lose everything like I did about this time last year. I did learn something- even though I am an old dog, I learned a new trick.

So, here I sit, sipping my second mug of hot cocoa, listening to my 2 youngest go crazy in the house while I get back to my normal routine of vegging on the computer, checking my peeps, and getting a few laughs in. I have so much to blog about... so stay tuned for more adventures from my family.

A deep thought for today, brought to you by my son- Snake "If it rained turkeys we would all eat a lot." (I kid you not, he came up with that one on his own).

Theme song for the day- Crash and Burn by Savage Garden.