Tuesday, June 3, 2008


If we all survive this summer it will be a miracle. We are only 2 days into it and I am ready for school to start. I know a lot of people love the summer for vacations, but since we are not going to enjoy that particular activity I am scrounging to keep the kids busy. They love to tell me they are bored. This is the time when I wish Aunt Grandma (my Aunt Ann) was here to teach them about bored. I remember living with her before my mission- there was no such thing as bored!

Last night we were getting the kids ready for bed. I thought that if I had a little leverage I could convince them to hurry up and get into bed and not mess around. So, Dalen and I said that if they didn't go to bed they couldn't go to the movies in the morning. Well, Kylie was obedient and went to bed. However, Jacob and Britin didn't think we were serious. They got into snacks (Skittles to be precise) and dumped them all over the downstairs. I don't know what made me more mad...that my kids were disobedient or that they wasted a perfectly good bag of my treats. Anyway, they had to pick them all up and then go to bed. We told them no movie.

This morning I was getting Kylie ready for the movie, she went with a friend instead. She asked me if Jacob and Britin were going, too. I said "no." She told me, "You mean when you promised we wouldn't go to the movie if we didn't go to bed you really meant it?" OUCH! Okay, I really have to make sure I follow through on everything. Apparently I have taught my kids that I don't always mean it. Not a good thing to teach them. I need to be consistent!